LEGO 10697 Classic Large Creative Box Set 1500 Pieces Review

by ninjabrick | Last Updated: October 29, 2017

If you are looking for a large creative box of LEGO then you’ll want to read this review. Coming in at 1500 pieces, the LEGO 10697 classic box includes special pieces, 39 different colours and instructions for 5 creative builds.

LEGO 10697 Classic Large Creative Box Set 1500 Pieces


Box sets can be perfect for creative thinking and building without rules, but find out whether this 1500 piece set is suitable for your needs.

LEGO 10697 Classic Box

This set is suitable for ages 4-99. Product dimensions are 26.5 x 24.7 x 37.5 cm and the product weight is 2.2kg.

What’s included in the box?

Unboxing Video

See the full unboxing of a LEGO 10967 creative set below, along with the builds already made;

Building instructions / ideas included?

The official LEGO Classic 10697 instructions manual includes builds for; a tractor, house front, truck, elephant, and a lizard.

There are also official free online instructions for other build ideas. These include; a blue bus, building site, petrol station, sofa and coffee table, and an xylophone. The builds are really straight forward for all ages, just follow the step-by-step guide.

LEGO Large Creative Box Review

This excellent value for money base set has an emphasis on bricks. However, in our opinion the main advantage of the LEGO 10697 set over other bulk starter or booster sets is that it includes wheels in various sizes, different types of window, house doors and tiles etc. This has allowed for greater flexibility in the builds, with an emphasis on houses and vehicles.

The special items listed above are not frequently included in bulk LEGO sets, so it’s definitely a big selling point.



Conclusion and final verdict

The LEGO Classic 10697 box will allow for endless creations and ideas. It won’t cater for some fans looking to create very intricate designs, but it will be perfectly suitable for most LEGO builders.

An excellent assortment of 1500 pieces and 39 different colours makes it perfect as a sharer box for the family (or for yourself). It would also make for a fantastic gift. The instructions booklet included and the additional 5 builds online make it perfect as a springboard to create bigger and better things.

We highly recommend this classic LEGO set for most builders. For those of you looking to build more complex ideas, this could make for the perfect supplement to an existing set.

Know of a budding builder or construction expert that may want more information on the 1500 piece LEGO 10697 large creative box set? Let them know about our review. We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.


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