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LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House 2523-Piece Set Review

LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House 2523-Piece Set Review

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Yes, this LEGO Simpsons House is amazing. A lot of us grew up watching the Simpsons or started watching after we became adults, and all the good memories associated live in this house — a house we can play with, with this LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House 2523-piece set!

LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House Set

LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House Set Review

The Simpsons house is iconic to many, and this set is no exception. Released in 2014, this 2523-piece set brings a full Simpsons experience — with mini-figures and details to make any fan proud.

The LEGO Simpsons House set is a long build, but one worth the experience. It’s also playable, so children will enjoy it just as much. The age recommendation is 12+ due to the complexity, but the details make it enjoyable to any age — as long as there’s supervision, of course, as there are many small pieces in this set, such as the crockery and the decorations.

The full LEGO 71006 set is 23cm high, 42cm wide and 24cm deep.

What’s included in the box?

  • 2523 pieces
  • Six minifigures (Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders)
  • A kitchen with yellow and light-blue tiled floor, sink, oven and stove, drawers, cups, pot, pan, bowl, mixer, plates, cake tins, cutlery, dining table, 4 chairs
  • The living room with a TV, couch, a painting, telephone, carpet, purple piano and staircase to the second floor with family photos
  • Bart’s room with a bed, night lamp, desk with pin board, chair, Krusty the Clown poster, skateboard, shelves with books, radio and a cap
  • Marge and Homer’s bedroom with a bed, 2 side tables, Maggie’s crib and Marge’s bag
  • Lisa’s room with a vanity mirror with hairbrush, stool, bed, table with lamp and cup, shelves with books, magnifying glass, backpack and a jazz poster
  • Bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink and a mirror
  • Detachable garage features the family car, tools, workbench, tool rack, vacuum cleaner, toolbox and a broom
  • Family car with space for 4 mini-figures, with an opening trunk
  • Homer’s suitcase and a ‘radioactive’ bar from the nuclear power plant
  • A grill, wheelbarrow and air conditioning unit with ‘Property of Ned Flanders’ decoration
  • Sausages, 2 garden loungers, flowerpots, a shovel, 2 fruit cocktail glasses, Lisa’s camera, Bart’s skateboard ramp and an antenna on the roof

The LEGO Simpsons House has two stories, both accessible by removing the roof. It comes with a fully equipped garage and has a yard.

LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House Designer Video

LEGO 71006 Simpsons House Review

This set is a long build, but a fun one. While the LEGO Simpsons House isn’t identical to that of the show, the spirit is certainly there and it’s close enough to be a faithful adaptation, even if not exact.

The rooms are well-done, the garden adds to the whole environment, and the garage, too, has a good amount of detail. While some minifigures are missing (the dog, for example), that’s just a matter of preference, as they do not really remove from the enjoyment of the set.

The yard with the treehouse would be a sweet addition as well, but it isn’t such a terrible miss, as well as Lisa’s trademark saxophone. Instead, we get the camera, which is nice in and of itself.


  • The beauty of this set is in the details. While it may not be 100% like the show, the details are there: Bart’s room has comic books and Krusty the Clown comics, the kitchen has crockery and cutlery to play with, the garage has power tools.
  • The set is good to play with, as the minifigures actually fit the house they’re supposed to inhabit. The LEGO Simpsons House hinges in the middle, so it’s not an open-back set.
  • The car is also a marvel. It can sit two minifigures and still looks like an actual car, with all the details of the cartoon’s vehicle. But watch out: don’t leave the garage for last. Attaching it may be difficult. Build it before you finish the house.
  • The house also opens, so you can access its interior — detaching the roof tiles or the hinged back wall. This makes it a good toy and not just a challenge.


  • The TV in the living room and the couch resemble the ones in the show, but the sofa doesn’t fit the entire family. The lack of a garden and driveway also takes a little of the overall effect of the LEGO 71006 set, but not by much. These can be fixed with other pieces, or even left as is.
  • The expression on the minifigures is a bit odd, though, as they make them look sleepy. Lisa, Marge, Bart and Homer are like this, while Maggie and Ned aren’t. But these are just minor quibbles, considering the solid quality, detail and ingenuity of the set.
  • Like the LEGO Millennium Falcon, the LEGO Simpsons House is quite big, so moving it elsewhere may be difficult. Make sure to build it on a tray or close to the final location.


All in all, this LEGO set is an enjoyable experience for the whole family — it’s fun to build, it’s a good toy for the kids, and it just plain looks good. While it has its issues, they’re nowhere near enough to distract a LEGO enthusiast or Simpsons fan from the delightful experience this set brings. It also has a very good value — considering the amount of bricks, the minifigures and the details included, it’s a worthy buy!

So what do you think? Are you a Simpsons fan? Do you have this set, or plan on buying one? Let us know in the comments below!