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The Complete Guide to Jurassic World LEGO Sets

The Complete Guide to Jurassic World LEGO Sets

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Jurassic World is back, this time with the Fallen Kingdom movie, and, of course, more Jurassic World LEGO sets. To celebrate, let’s take a look at the full LEGO Jurassic World collection (plus a few extras) and what they’re all about!

The Complete Guide to Jurassic World LEGO Sets

Jurassic Park came out in 1993, and it was an instant classic. Inspired by the book of the same name by Michael Crichton, stellar direction by Steven Spielberg and an outstanding soundtrack by John Williams, it was a breakthrough in several ways. While it was not the first time dinosaurs appeared on the silver screen, it’s definitely the first time they were that realistic.

The original film had a huge impact in cinema and in the hearts and minds of many, and while we got a couple sets in the Studios theme, it was only with its revival in 2015, with the release of Jurassic World, that LEGO truly embraced the franchise.

Since then, we’ve had several sets with various unique dinosaur themes. This wasn’t the first time LEGO ventured into the dinosaur world: we had themes such as Dino, Dino 2010, Dino Attack, and Dinosaurs. The LEGO Jurassic World theme, however, brought a new dimension and storyline to the subject.

Still, it was only with the 2015 movie (and now with the 2018 sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) that we get specific characters and dinosaurs from the Jurassic franchise in LEGO format. Here are the sets we have thus far!

The Jurassic Park III Sets

Though the Jurassic World LEGO sets were the first proper sets to follow the Jurassic Park franchise, they weren’t the first. No, before that, in 2001, we had the Jurassic Park III subtheme inside the LEGO Studios theme. This theme brought different cinematic franchises to LEGO format, including a Steven Spielberg Moviemaker set. It also included two Jurassic Park III-themed sets.

These had a more cinematic focus than an actual scenario set in the world they represented. Unlike future LEGO Jurassic World sets, they included cameramen minifigures and generic Adventurers rather than characters from the movie. The dinosaurs were also brick-built, rather than the figures present in later sets.

1370 Raptor Rumble Studio

LEGO 1370 Raptor Rumble Studio

This set comes with three minifigures, Pippin Reed, Johnny Thunder, and a cameraman. It also includes a build meant to resemble a tree, as well as two raptors and a pteranodon, all brick-built. Johnny Thunder plays Dr Alan Grant and Pippin Reed plays Amanda Kirby.

1371 Spinosaurus Attack

LEGO 1371 Spinosaurus Attack

This small set comes complete with camera, cameraman, stunt actor and a prop tree, as well as a plane. The Spinosaurus itself is a brick-built figure, and the whole set has only 128 pieces. As with other Studios sets, it’s meant to represent a film stage, rather than an actual “real world” scene.

The 2015 Jurassic World Sets

The original Jurassic World theme ran in 2015 only. The theme introduced scenes and characters from that year’s Jurassic World movie, a total of seven sets and one video game entry. One of the sets, LEGO 30320 Gallimimus Trap, came as a gift with video game pre-orders, and another one, LEGO 75920 Raptor Escape, had a limited release in some countries and was somewhat exclusive.

30320 Gallimimus Trap

LEGO 30320 Gallimimus Trap

This polybag brought us a Gallimimus (in actuality a recolour of the Coelophysis, which appeared in two Dino sets) as well as a small build. Released in 2015, this set has only 29 pieces and came as a free gift with the pre-order of the Jurassic World video game, where it also features.

75915 Pteranodon Capture

LEGO 75915 Pteranodon Capture

The Pteranodon Capture set is exactly what it says. It comes with a Pteranodon, as well as two minifigures, an ACU Trooper and Simon Masrani. The Trooper has a weapon with him, and the set suggests he was captured by the Pteranodon. The dinosaur itself looks great in red and grey, and the set includes a helicopter with a web shooter, presumably to catch the winged reptile in flight!

75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush

Lego 75916 Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush

This is a bigger, 248 pieces set. According to the official LEGO description, Gray has got lost and is chased by a Dilophosaurus. An ACU Trooper chases them in his Jurassic World 4×4. This set also includes a gyrosphere (which fits Gray).

The 4×4 has an exploding function on its back half. The Trooper has a shock rod. The set also includes a chicken leg, as well as other items such as a winch (which attaches to the dinosaur’s leg), a wrench, boxes, and more. This is the first set to feature the Dilophosaurus, with a second one coming in 2018.

75917 Raptor Rampage

LEGO 75917 Raptor Rampage

Owen and Claire finally appear in this set! This includes a mobile vet unit and two raptors, one of which is Blue, with its peculiar markings, and Charlie. Included is also Owen’s motorbike, as well as the ACU Trooper’s tranquillizer gun.

The vet unit has a shooter on top of it, to repeal the raptors in pursuit. Claire has her cellphone and Owen has his pistol. There are also other assorted items to enrich the scene, but the true stars are the raptors — in special, Blue. She’ll appear in several other sets as well.

75918 T. Rex Tracker

LEGO 75918 T. Rex Tracker

The main part of this set is the T. Rex Tracker itself, a huge vehicle with an opening cockpit, it’s loaded with guns (including a harpoon shooter) and a dinosaur cage (which fits a T-Rex in it) on the back.

This set also includes a motorcycle and several accessories and equipment associated with tracking the T-Rex — which, of course, is also included. Minifigures are an ACU Trooper, Vic Hoskins and a vet. The T-Rex looks gorgeous with some very nice prints as well and is 15cm tall, making it an awesome addition to any dinosaur collection.

75919 Indominus Rex Breakout

LEGO 75919 Indominus Rex Breakout

This finally brings the main attraction of Jurassic World: Indominus Rex. The biggest set is the 2015 release of the theme, it includes a massive build of the research tower and impound, as well as a gyrosphere, a helicopter, and tons of accessories.

It also includes the vet, Dr Wu, Zach and an ACU Trooper. But the main star is the Indominus Rex, which comes in white and grey and looks gorgeous. A definitely worthy buy.

75920 Raptor Escape

LEGO 75920 Raptor Escape

In here, we have a holding pen, a tower, and two raptors. While the LEGO description says they are Delta and Echo, in truth, the green raptor is, in fact, Charlie. This set includes an offroader and two minifigures, as well as accessories such as the tranquillizer gun and shock rod.

The pen itself has several interactive options such as a feeding slot, closing gate, a trap, and more. There are plenty of scenes you can play with this set, but the high point is the raptors of course, as these are the only dinosaurs in the 2015 run to appear in two sets — and together, they cover all four raptors.

Bonus: Dr Wu

LEGO DR WU Polybag

This polybag only appeared in some retailers, and it’s a promotional package offered with the LEGO Jurassic World video game. Released June 2015, it only appeared in some retailers as a free gift, and it has only the minifig and a piece of amber.

Bonus: Jurassic World Gate

LEGO Jurassic World Gate Toys R Us

Like Dr Wu, this set is a promotional package present in Toys R Us in the US around June 2015. This was part of a “make and take” promotion at these stores where you could build the LEGO gate and take it home with you. The whole set is only 62 pieces, with one sticker, and very simple to build. As it’s just a gate, it doesn’t have a lot of playability but still something nice to have for the fans — especially for free.

The 2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Sets

The Jurassic World theme returned this year! This is in tandem with the new, upcoming Jurassic World movie, Fallen Kingdom, and as such all sets follow characters, scenes and dinosaurs that may appear in this movie. As such, some sets might be slight spoilers!

30382 Baby Velociraptor Playpen

LEGO 30382 Baby Velociraptor Playpen

This is a polybag to appear in 2018! This small set includes a baby velociraptor (which has Blue’s streak), a turkey leg and a build resembling a cage or pen in the style of other LEGO Jurassic World pens. It also includes a bone, and tells a bit more about what we’ll see in the Fallen Kingdom movie — that, apparently, “life (still) finds a way”.

75926 Pteranodon Chase

LEGO 75926 Pteranodon Chase

The second set in the LEGO Jurassic World collection to feature the flying reptile Pteranodon also follows the same them as the first one (75915).

This time, though, the chase is on the ground, with a Jeep equipped with a web shooter. Also included are two minifigures, one of which seems to be Owen, and another ACU Trooper. This is one of the first sets that should come out this year and includes an egg — an interesting new feature in the subtheme.

75927 Stygimoloch Breakout

LEGO 75927 Stygimoloch Breakout

This set comes with a Stygimoloch, a new dinosaur in the franchise. It includes this dinosaur’s pen and watchtower, as well as two minifigures and two eggs. The watchtower has two levels, and transparent piece serving as a window overlooking the pen.

75928 Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit

LEGO 75928 Blue's Helicopter Pursuit

As the name suggests, this set includes beloved raptor Blue. Beyond that, we have a helicopter and a quad bike for Owen. The helicopter drags a bait basket, which they use to attract Blue. This set includes a new character, Ken Wheatley, and weaponry. The helicopter comes with a stud shooter.

75929 Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape

LEGO 75929 Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape

This set includes the fearsome Carnotaurus, who is new to the LEGO Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom theme. It also includes more, of course, such as a gyrosphere launch station, a jeep, what looks to be a motorized sentry and a small dinosaur — possibly a Compsognathus or a baby?

75930 Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate

LEGO 75930 Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate

The Indoraptor is a new, original creation for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. While we won’t add spoilers to this article, it’s a new design and original to the movie.

This set is likely the biggest in the whole of Jurassic World LEGO sets, as it brings with it the façade of the Lockwood Estate (as well as some interior details), a fossil Triceratops skull, a motorbike, six minifigures and lots of other items, as well as Blue. It should average over 1,000 pieces!

75931 Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack

LEGO 75931 Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack

This set brings back the Dilophosaurus, with a beautifully colourful crest. The set includes what seems to be some sort of gate or fence with a watchtower, and a crane that moves over it. It also includes a tiny dinosaur, possibly a baby or Compsognathus.

75932 Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase

LEGO 75932 Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase

This beautiful set harkens back to the first Jurassic Park movie! It brings an iconic scene, with a quarter-build of the lab, and four minifigures — including the children. The set also includes one of the normal Velociraptors, a ladder, and assorted items. Technically, it’s not part of the Jurassic World LEGO sets in theme, but it definitely is part of the franchise, and listed under the theme, so, it earns its place here.

75933 T. Rex Transport

LEGO 75933 T. Rex Transport

The T. Rex Transport set is a new release in the 2018 LEGO Jurassic World theme and echoes the theme of search and rescue in the new subtheme Fallen Kingdom. In this we get a lorry and a trailer, fitting the T. Rex included. This set is quite big at over 600 pieces and includes three minifigures.

The Junior Jurassic World Sets

As well as a revival of the theme, 2018 brings also great news: LEGO Jurassic World Juniors sets. These are all inspired by the Fallen Kingdom movie, and repeat some subjects of Systems sets as well. Still, they’re an awesome choice for a younger audience.

10756 Pteranodon Escape

LEGO 10756 Pteranodon Escape Set

Like its 2015 equivalent (LEGO 75915), it includes a Pteranodon and a helicopter. But in true Juniors fashion, the builds are simplified and ready for a younger audience. This set also has a build similar to a volcano in eruption and what seems like a tracking display.

10757 Raptor Rescue Truck

LEGO 10757 Raptor Rescue Truck

It’s just as it says — this set includes a Velociraptor, a Juniors-style truck with what looks like a holding cage in the back, as well as two minifigures. One of them is Owen, who holds a large bait stick with a turkey leg at the end to draw the raptor into the truck.

10758 T. Rex Breakout

LEGO 10758 T. Rex Breakout

This set shows the classic Jurassic World/Park gate. It contains the T. Rex, of course, as well as a van and what seems to be a tracking display as well. It also has three minifigures and includes a baby dinosaur, as well as an egg, and a hot dog mounted on what looks like a robotic arm — possibly bait?

The LEGO Jurassic World DUPLO Sets

This also brings DUPLO sets! A first in the Jurassic World LEGO sets, these are appropriate for toddlers, in bright primary colours and easy to build. They’re a perfect way to introduce dinosaurs to them, as well as entertain and educate, of course!

10879 Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

LEGO 10879 Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

The Gentle Giants Petting Zoo has a holding pen with a small Apatosaurus and a small Triceratops, as well as Duplo minifigure. The enclosure has a tree and a flower, and a camera for taking pictures.

10880 T. Rex Tower

LEGO 10880 T. Rex Tower

This set follows the T. Rex subject but in a much nicer way. Like its Systems counterpart, this T. Rex opens and closes its jaws. The set also has an Owen minifigure in Duplo format, a tower with a walkie-talkie, and car, all in Duplo fashion.

The LEGO Jurassic World BrickHeadz

BrickHeadz? Why yes, indeed! 2018 brings a new LEGO BrickHeadz set and a first for the theme: the first animal BrickHeadz character.

41614 Owen & Blue

LEGO 41614 Owen & Blue Set

This BrickHeadz set comes with two characters: Owen, the main star of Jurassic World played by Chris Pratt, and Blue, his favourite Velociraptor. It’s the first time we have an animal BrickHeadz build.

Blue looks very cute in this build, with a standard head for the type of LEGO set, though with the eyes on the sides, and a specialized body that does look like a Velociraptor when seen from the side and front. Owen himself wears his standard attire according to the movie’s and holds a tranquillizer gun.

So these are the Jurassic World LEGO sets we have thus far, spanning several years (from 2001 to 2018 — although with large gaps) and even types of sets.