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The LEGO Indiana Jones Sets

The LEGO Indiana Jones Sets

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LEGO Indiana Jones sets were first released in 2008 and ended in 2009. Based on the famous adventure franchise, this short-lived theme nonetheless managed to bring some very interesting things. Let’s take a look at what it had to offer!

LEGO Indiana Jones Sets

The Indiana Jones franchise spans four movies and a lot of cultural influence. It’s no surprise that LEGO also brings it to the stores. Full of mysterious settings and exotic locations, it’s a great opportunity for play — and LEGO proves it! The most popular adventure franchise created four subthemes (one for each movie) and lots of fun for everyone. Let’s check them out.

LEGO Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sets

Directed by Steven Spielberg, this 1981 the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie introduced the adventurous archaeologist for the first time and started the franchise we know and love. Starring Harrison Ford, the movie features the Indiana Jones character as he tries to recover the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis get to it.

There are five LEGO Indiana Jones sets in the subtheme. This subtheme has several German soldier minifigures and they are all exclusive and unique to each set, with different faces and designs. This subtheme started and ended in 2008.

LEGO 7195 Ambush in Cairo

LEGO 7195 Ambush in Cairo Set

The LEGO Ambush in Cairo set features Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, a Cairo swordsman and a Cairo henchman. It recreates the scene where Cairo warriors ambush Indy and Marion in a crowded market. One of the warriors has a club, another, a sword. Marion wields a frying pan and Indy has a pistol and his trademark whip. The LEGO 7195 set has a total of 65 pieces and also comes with a market stand, a barrel, and a cart. The Cairo warriors come with characteristic turban and scimitar.

LEGO 7621 The Lost Tomb

LEGO 7621 The Lost Tomb Set

This 263 piece Indiana Jones LEGO temple has two statues with a play feature (they fall when you pull a pin), walls that can fall in and a hieroglyph panel can release snakes over the adventurers. The Lost Tomb 7621 set includes Marion, Indy, ten snakes and the Ark of the Covenant itself (not quite accurate to the movie, as the Ark wasn’t in that scene). It also includes a skeleton that hides behind one of the collapsible walls. There’s an easter egg as well, in the shape of C-3PO and R2-D2 hieroglyphs on the tomb!

LEGO 7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure

LEGO 7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure Set

The LEGO 7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure set includes two vehicles, a convoy truck and a machine gun car. It includes Indy and three German soldiers. This LEGO Indiana Jones set has 272 pieces and includes a treasure chest with jewels and coins (for those who don’t have LEGO 7621 or have not seen the movie). LEGO Indiana Jones has a horse to ride in pursuit, as well as his whip.

LEGO 7623 Temple Escape

LEGO 7623 Temple Escape Set

This LEGO Indiana Jones 554-piece set includes Indy, usual, but also René Belloq, Satipo, Jock and two skeletons. The Temple Escape set recreates the jungle temple seen in the movie, including the iconic escape from the giant boulder. The temple itself builds like a long corridor, full of details such as foliage, skulls, and others. Also featured are the spear trap, several snakes, spider webs and more. This set includes Jock’s aeroplane as well.

LEGO 7683 Fight on the Flying Wing

LEGO 7683 Fight on the Flying Wing Set

In the 376-piece LEGO 7683 set, Indy and Marion need to stop an enemy plane. This vehicle follows the Horten Ho 229 design (an actual Nazi prototype plane) and has two engines. The plane has a green and grey camouflage. The tanker truck hides the Ark of the Covenant. This LEGO Indiana Jones set includes Marion Ravenwood, Indiana Jones, an enemy pilot and an enemy mechanic. The plane itself has an impressive 58cm wingspan.

LEGO Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

This Indiana Jones LEGO sets subtheme follows the 1984 film of the same name and only includes two sets. This theme began and ended in 2009. In the film, Indy chases after mystical stones lost in an Indian temple and encounters the cannibal Thuggee in the way, as well as lots of adventures.

LEGO 7682 Shangai Chase

LEGO 7682 Shangai Chase Set

The 244-piece Shanghai Chase set includes two vehicles, Indy’s car and a black sedan belonging to the Shanghai gangsters. This set includes two Chinese gangsters, Indy, Willie Scott and Short Round. All minifigures but the Short Round one are unique in this set. Indy appears in a tuxedo exclusive to this set, as well as Willie Scott’s outfit.

LEGO 7199 The Temple of Doom

LEGO 7199 The Temple of Doom Set

The 652-piece LEGO 7199 set is an interesting representation of the Temple of Doom. It’s a mine cart track, with two mine carts, lots of minifigures and a very decorated portal sort of build at one end. The track goes down to the ground so you can push the carts down it. It includes fire pieces, a trapdoor in the temple, a barrier at the end and a stone trap, as well as a sword trap. This is one of the more interactive LEGO Indiana Jones sets and comes with six minifigures: another exclusive Willie Scott, two Thuggee guards, Mola Ram, Short Round and, of course, Indiana Jones himself.

LEGO Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

This LEGO Indiana Jones subtheme follows the Last Crusade 1989 movie. This time, it features Indy in hot pursuit of the Holy Grail and the Nazis who kidnapped his father. This subtheme only has three sets. The Last Crusade subtheme began and ended in 2008.

LEGO 7620 Motorcycle Chase

LEGO 7620 Motorcycle Chase Set

Here we have Indiana Jones and his father, Henry Sr., with a guard giving chase. The LEGO 7620 set includes Indy’s motorbike with a detachable side car, a treasure map, the three mentioned characters in minifigure form, and all the equipment that comes with Indy (satchel bag, whip and hat). The German soldier minifigure is unique, but Henry Sr. appears in the second set of this theme as well, LEGO 7198. The set also includes a gate you can knock over and pistols for the guard and Indy.

LEGO 7197 Venice Canal Chase

LEGO 7197 Venice Canal Chase Set

The LEGO 7197 Venice Canal Chase set includes four minifigures, in special, an exclusive LEGO Indiana Jones minifigure in a grey suit. It also brings Elsa Schneider, Kazim and a Grail Guard, all exclusive to this set. The main features are two speedboats and an arch. The latter has a hidden manhole and a collapsible pier. The boats have an exploding motor feature and a breakable boat bottom as well.

LEGO 7198 Fighter Plane Attack

LEGO 7198 Fighter Plane Attack Set

The Fighter Plane Attack set comes with two planes, one grey and one white. Indy’s white is a biplane, whereas the German one isn’t. Both come equipped with flick missiles. The German plane has a cockpit and fits one minifigure; Indy’s fits two minifigures. This set comes with Indiana Jones himself, Professor Henry Jones Sr., and a German soldier. While it isn’t unique, it’s still a relatively uncommon German soldier design, appearing in only one other Indiana Jones LEGO set (7683).

LEGO Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the newest movie in the franchise. Released in 2008, it follows a now retired archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones as he becomes tangled in a Soviet plot that takes him to the jungles of Peru. This subtheme, based on the newest movie, has eight sets in total, making it the biggest of all Indiana Jones subthemes.

LEGO 7624 Jungle Duel

LEGO 7624 Jungle Duel Set

This 90-piece set includes Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams and Irina Spalko minifigures. While it portrays the Soviet camp scene, it includes the ants from a later scene. The ant pieces are original to this set and appear only once again in another set of this same subtheme. The LEGO 7624 set includes a tent, a table with a frying pan, lamp and a cup, a map, a sword stand with foliage, and other assorted items such as supply boxes. Irina comes armed with a sword and Mutt with a knife. Indy sports his usual whip.

LEGO 7625 River Chase

LEGO 7625 River Chase Set

This set includes a car equipped with a machine gun and an amphibious assault vehicle. It also comes with a tree that works as a net trap, with a Russian soldier on it. There’s further threat for our heroes in the shape of two snakes and an alligator as well. The LEGO 7625 set comes with two Russian guards, Marion Ravenwood and of course, Indiana Jones. Marion wears a tan outfit exclusive to this set.

LEGO 7626 Jungle Cutter

LEGO 7626 Jungle Cutter Set

As with the previous sets, this one has a jungle theme and includes a lot of foliage. In special, this one has trees that shouldn’t stand in the way of the Jungle Cutter. This large vehicle has two large circular blades and has an exploding feature. There is also a jungle hideout of sorts, fashioned as a cave entrance, with supplies (includes a bazooka that shoots flick missiles). The LEGO 7626 Jungle Cutter set comes with ants as well as four minifigures: Indiana Jones, Colonel Dovchenko (who only appears in one other set) and two Russian soldiers in green.

LEGO 7627 Temple of the Crystal Skull

LEGO 7627 Temple of the Crystal Skull Set

This is the biggest LEGO Indiana Jones sets in the whole theme (at least thus far). With an impressive 929 pieces, it recreates the actual Temple of the Crystal Skull and comes with ten minifigures! These are Indiana Jones, Irina Spalko, Mutt Williams, two Ugha warriors, three Akator skeletons and one explorer skeleton.

The Temple itself is fairly detailed and represents the main room as shown in the movie. It includes the throne room and the obelisk on top. The temple also has several traps such as moving staircases, a spike trap, sword trap, skull trap, firing spears, a hidden room and more. The LEGO 7927 set also includes a vehicle piloted by the Russians and an arch through which the vehicle may pass.

LEGO 7628 Peril in Peru

LEGO 7628 Peril in Peru Set

This set is a Toy “R” Us exclusive from 2008. It’s based on a scene in the movie where Irina Spalko kidnaps Indy and Mutt and take them from Peru to the Lost City. The scene never made it to the final version of the movie, but nonetheless, LEGO included it in the Crystal Skull subtheme. The Peril in Peru set brings a plane, a runway tractor and trolley as well as stairs for the plane, a Russian truck and a case with the crystal skull. There are six minifigures as well: Indy, Irina Spalko, Colonel Dovchenko, Mutt Williams and a Russian. The Peruvian pilot is unique to this set.

LEGO 7196 Chauchilla Cemetery

LEGO 7196 Chauchilla Cemetery Set

The Chauchilla cemetery has guards protecting it! Mutt rides his motorcycle and there’s a secret passage in the tomb included. Indy has the crystal skull, and this set includes several items such as weapons and goblets. There is also a scorpion and spiderweb. The LEGO 7196 set comes with a cemetery guard, Mutt, Indy and a skeleton.

Indiana Jones LEGO Sets Conclusion

So these are the main LEGO Indiana Jones sets! While the theme is currently retired, there’s still a lot of potential in terms of pieces, minifigures, and subjects recreated in the sets. In special, this theme brought a lot of WWII like vehicles, as well as animals and exclusive items, so it’s worth for a collector or enthusiast to check them out.

In fact, if you’re an Indiana Jones enthusiast you may want to check Brick Raiders — a complete guide to the Indiana Jones LEGO games! Oh yes, there are games as well — two of them: The Original Adventures and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. Go check them out!