Our “How To Make A Real Life Iron Man Suit” Review: Here’s What We Really Think!

Who doesn’t want to be Iron Man? Rich, famous, and a superhero. You get to hang out with people like The Hulk and Thor, meet beautiful ladies — it’s a dream come true. But while we can’t all be Tony Stark (sadly), we can taste some of that sweet Iron Man flair and make our very own, DIY, Real Life Iron Man Cosplay Suit. YES, REALLY!

Hi there! We are the Ninja Brick team and today we are reviewing an exclusive members area which details how you can easily make your very own Iron Man Suit and Armour; specifically Mark 4, 6, 42, 45, 47 and War Machine (all available to build today). In addition to guides, video tutorials, a full materials list and much more, you get handed the professional 3D designs made into printable pages, which can all be printed from a home printer! The first step in building the Iron Man Cosplay suit is as simple as print, cut, fold and paste (and this is probably the hardest step). Then for the next seven steps, just look at the easy to follow instructions and it will soon develop into a real life Iron Man Costume.

Our “How To Make A Real Life Iron Man Suit” Review

Iron Man Mark 47 Armor
The Iron Man Mark 47 Armor — YOU CAN MAKE ONE OF THESE!

Iron Man is one of the most popular members of the Avengers team (and Marvel franchise as a whole). Beyond being a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” (in his own words), he’s also a very complex character. With new Marvel movies coming out nearly every year, and of course a long tradition in the comics, there is even more interest in this character.

Popular as he is now though, Iron Man isn’t the easiest character to dress up or cosplay as. The awesomeness of this character is directly associated with his suit — the large, technological, Artificial-Intelligence-having feat of engineering of one Tony Stark’s genius. While it’s fairly easy to find costumes for most of the Avengers, as well as other Marvel characters, Iron Man is another matter entirely.

How do we even begin to cosplay as this favourite character? Sure, there are masks out there, and costumes that look terrible, but a serious cosplayer or someone who just really loves Iron Man, needs something on par with the character himself. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t genius playboy billionaires with endless technology and money, so what do we do?

Enter, The Iron Suit…

Our Review: Here’s Our Thoughts and Opinions On “The Iron Suit”

The Iron Suit is a detailed members area to create your very own Iron Man costume. This isn’t the questionable cosplay outfits we see out there. This one is very realistic and looks a lot like the one we see in the comics and the movies.

Man wearing a Iron Man Suit Mk 42

In fact, The Iron Suit has guides for different styles of Iron Man suit. As we know, there are many suits out there, each with their own peculiarities. The Iron Suit’s guides cover armor Mark 4, 6, 42, 45, 47 and War Machine. Each has its own colour scheme and details. A fanboy’s (or fangirl’s) dream.

So, let’s see what this is all about.

What’s included in The Iron Suit Member’s Area?

The Iron Suit Members Area Includes:
Materials list (all what you will need for your suit; you can get it in Home Depot or similar)
Step-by-Step instructions guide (follow this and you will be great)
3D viewable files made into printable pages. Available to be printed from a home printer for all variants
Software viewer (you will get the free version of the third-party software necessary to view and print the files) – Not available for Mac (instructions provided on how to run Windows on your Mac.)
Pictures (these will help you to see whether you are on the correct path)
VIDEO TUTORIALS: (explaining the most important steps)
Friendly customer service to clear up any doubts that you may have

The exclusive Iron Suit Members Area will guide you step by step in the process of making the full Iron Man armor. This is very handy, as it includes the resources and materials you’ll need per step — makes it easier to buy stuff when you need them, not all at once, as you’ll know what you’ll need at which stage. The instructions are very clear, but there’s also pictures and video tutorials to help you out, which is great.

The Iron Man Suit Materials List and Step by Step DIY Instructions

The members area includes a software which unfolds their own professionally designed 3D models into printable pages (for use with a home printer). With this software, you can print them to serve as a base for your realistic Iron Man armor.

It’s not hard to build the Iron Man suit, you just need to print, cut, fold and paste. For the next seven steps, you won’t have problems if you follow the instructions. The hardest part is the beginning shown below, which most people used to do for their homework…

The Iron Man Suit DIY

Don’t miss out, this offer won’t last long.



Which Iron Man Armors Are Available in the Members Area?

The Iron Man Armors available for you to build today are Mark 4, 6, 42, 45, 47 and War Machine. See the pictures below;

The Final Result

Iron Man Cosplay Mk XLII Armor

The final result of making your own Iron Man armor is spectacular. The list of items and instructions make it easy to follow, and the end result, when done properly and carefully, is absolutely fantastic. The armor even shines like metal, fits comfortably, and the site gives you instructions on how to set up the lights for the chest central piece and the hands.

You’ll have a very realistic and well-finished Iron Man costume that is unlike the usual stuff you can find online for sale. This will make the ultimate present for any Iron Man crazed kid, or may make for the best birthday party ever! There will also be opportunities, as mentioned above, of selling, renting and even working with the Iron Man Cosplay costume you’ve made on a regular basis (you should be able to make the cost of the suit back in just a few hours). Or, you know, just the sheer joy of playing out your favourite Iron Man cosplay at Comic-Con or another event.

Although there are some time consuming steps, which require some care if you want your armor to be smooth and polished, it gives you a greater sense of achievement. Though each step doesn’t take long, they require time to dry, space to store, etc.. Still, this is necessary of taking on such a fantastic project. The tutorials provided explain and show clearly what to do, and are easy to follow. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity, it’s an awesome investment and fun at the same time! This offer won’t last long.



Will The Iron Man Costume Suit Me When Finished?

This is a very important question. We all know that the Ironman of the movies has a thin or athletic build; in this way, if you are the proud owner of a big belly it is recommended that you get some abs before you decide to build your Ironman suit. The 3D Ironman files (ready to print) are from someone who is 5.872 tall, 163.14 pounds and waist 30. This is using a scale 26.27; however, if you are near to these numbers you don’t have to change anything, but if you are NOT near to these numbers or you are planning to build this for a kid then you just need to change the scale of the files. And Guess What? You will find the information on how to change the scale easily in the members’ area*. They will help you to know what is the right scale for you.

* All the information on scaling your suit is provided free in the members area. The scaling feature is not part of the free version of the software. A key code costs $38 which will allow you to scale every suit offered in the members area, that’s just over $6 to scale each suit.

Should I Make or Buy my Iron Man Outfit?

Helmet Design Model

Making the Iron Man Outfit yourself makes it such a more personal experience, that you will treasure more than purchasing a ready made suit in our opinion. The sense of achievement to be able to say “I made that” is awesome in itself. Why not team up and make it a family project? The guide is so detailed you don’t actually require a lot of specialized skill — they will guide you through the whole process. But the feeling of accomplishment after making your own full Iron Man costume is very real. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable project and the finished suit is amazing!

Plus, once you’ve made one, you’re encouraged to make others which are available in the members area. Once you’ve built your first suit you just can’t wait to get started on the next one. Some builders have enjoyed the challenge of building the entire set.

You can also make and sell your own. While you’d think The Iron Suit would discourage this, it’s the opposite: they give suggestions on how to monetize your suit. There are many options which could earn you real money every day (easily surpassing the cost of the suits in a matter of hours), such as attending parties and cons in Iron Man cosplay, $5 for a picture in crowded areas, and more, and this includes selling the suits you yourself make. There are many opportunities there, even beyond the ones listed, but for many, the accomplishment will be its own reward.

The main issue with buying a ready made one would be the same issues as usual: shipping and the time it takes, depending on where you are, and also the fit. While making it helps you get it exactly to your body (or as close as possible while still following Iron Man armor proportions), buying one might limit to what you have available.


If you’re into cosplay, your Iron Man cosplay dreams are here. If you just want to strut around like Tony Stark, that’s covered as well. Want to try your hand at making something awesome and possibly profit, whether with photographs, appearances or selling? You can do it as well. The sky’s the limit. Is the Iron Man armor members area worth it? Yes, in our opinion it’s incredible value for money and also a great investment! This offer won’t last long.


Don’t forget to check if the discount is still available here <<

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions you may have about the Iron Suit project.

Is It Hard To Build The Iron Man Suit?

No, it isn’t hard at all to build the Iron Man suit. The hardest part (the design) is given to you on subscription. The tutorial will teach you, step by step, what to do and how. It will even give you your materials list, with different possibilities in case one element isn’t easy to find.

How Long Will The DIY Iron Man Cosplay Costume Take Me?

The Iron Man Cosplay Costume will take you as long as your availability allows. There are a lot of parts. Some steps require you wait before you do the rest on the same part. It’s all up to you, but it should take a few weeks (considering you’re doing it at a leisurely pace and not spending several hours a day at it) up to a month or so. It really depends on your own pace and time availability. An hour a day should make it around two weeks. If you’re putting a lot of attention into the final details, maybe slightly longer.

How many Iron Man Cosplay suits are there?

There are several Iron Man suits out there and Mark 4, 6, 42, 45, 47 and War Machine are available for you to build today!

There are over fifty known Iron Man suits throughout the comics, we’ve detailed several of these in our LEGO Iron Man guide. As Iron Man was launched in 1963, you can expect there will be a lot of armors. Some include Mark I, II, III, V, VI, VII, VIII, stealth versions, hydro versions, space versions, Hulkbuster, War Machine, Prometheus, Renaissance, Modular, Arctic, Thorbuster, and yes, even a Sentient one.

How much would an Iron Man costume cost ready made?

The cost of your Iron Man costume depends on whether you are making it yourself or buying. Buying one ready made will cost you around $4,000.

How much does Iron Man weigh?

The real Iron Man suit itself is actually fairly light. The finished weight will be dependent on the size of the suit.

Which Iron Man character are you?

War Machine, all the way!

What Iron Man armor am I?

Whatever suit you want! Except the creepy Sentient one. That one isn’t as nice.

Why is Iron Man better than Batman?

High tech, charm, riches? He’s got everything without the depressing colour scheme! Plus, it’s Marvel!



We welcome comments below, but please be mindful not to comment with details from the members area.

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  1. Woah, pretty sick! I used to make my own Iron Man suits when I was like 7 out paper. It was just kinda a chest/back plate xD


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