BrickStix: Reusable LEGO Stickers Review

Ah, stickers. The bane of many people’s LEGO life. So why would we want more of them? Simple: stickers add colour and fun to our LEGO bricks and creations. Enter BrickStix, a company who creates stickers that are not only fun but also reusable.

BrickStix: Reusable LEGO Stickers Review

BrickStix is an American company creating LEGO (and MEGABLOX) compatible stickers and accessories. The main innovation here is that not only these stickers look great, they’re also reusable — you can always unstick them and stick elsewhere, wherever you like.

Stickers aren’t very popular with LEGO fans, with good reason. When they don’t fit well, they don’t look as great. They demand care and precision to place correctly to look good, which can be annoying. This is especially true of transparent ones, which require even more precision. Still, we can’t avoid stickers — not if we want detail in our LEGO builds.

Even worse, with traditional stickers, we have a hard time detaching them. Once glued, they’re glued. Removal will often damage the sticker, or leave glue and nasty residue behind on the brick. Naturally, this makes everything even harder, since you can’t easily remove and reapply if you do it wrong.

This is what BrickStix is here for: you can remove them, and they won’t leave gunk behind for you to clean manually. According to them, this gives a lot of playability and versatility to LEGO play, as you can do all sorts of things whenever you do.

Even more surprising, this idea came out of the mind of a nine-year-old — what better person to invent toy accessories than an actual child?

We received a box of diverse BrickStix products to experiment and play with, so, this is the Ninja Brick review!

BrickStix Village Bits

BrickStix Village Bits LEGO Accessories Pack BrickStix Village Bits LEGO Accessories Pack Close Up

BrickStix Bits Village is a package of themed bits and pieces which works as accessories to your LEGO bricks and sets. The Village package comes with stuff that suggests a rural or domestic setting. This pack comes in a tube, properly labelled, and includes several items.

The items don’t have prints or stickers themselves, being compatible with other BrickStix products and, of course, their stickers and decals. The Village pack includes:

  • a motorcycle & helmet
  • two glasses (look like wine glasses)
  • two cups
  • a shovel
  • three fence pieces
  • an axe
  • a frying pan
  • a construction worker hat
  • a briefcase
  • a pig
  • a dog
  • a guitar

The BrickStix Bits Village is compatible with all sorts of bricks. As such, it doesn’t really look like LEGO pieces, either — but it doesn’t look so different that it would look bad. If you’re using it for play alone, it’s a very good addition to anyone’s playset.

BrickStix Legends Bits

BrickStix Legends Bits LEGO Accessories Pack BrickStix Legends Bits LEGO Accessories Pack Close Up

The Legends set is a lot like the BrickStix Bits Village set. These too come in a nice plastic container, which makes storing and collecting them fairly easy to do. This time, the set focuses on medieval and fantasy items. It includes:

  • a white horse
  • a beige dog
  • a piece of elaborate railing
  • two flower pieces, with four flowers each
  • one foliage piece with three leaves
  • one pine tree/large bush piece
  • two red goblets
  • Different mediæval weaponry
  • A knight’s helmet

These pieces are LEGO-compatible, and the horse has a depression in the middle, in the style of LEGO horses, with a stud for the minifigure to ride. As with the Village pack, these figures come without any print or stickers, so you can combine them with your own or, of course, with other BrickStix products.

BrickStix Survival Bits

BrickStix Survival Bits LEGO Accessories Pack BrickStix Survival Bits LEGO Accessories Pack Close Up

This set is focused on modern-day survival, which may or may not include military applications — up to the player’s imagination. While LEGO has a very strong policy against creating realistic firearms for its sets, this BrickStix Bits set comes with several weaponry pieces, which would fit custom minifigures and work. This package includes:

  • a motorcycle (looks closer to a military style) & helmet
  • bags of sand
  • a ladder
  • firearms, including a rifle and shotgun
  • three foliage pieces with three leaves each
  • a dog

In this Survival Bits pack, the dog is a little more detailed than in previous ones, with a black facial marking and eyes. This pack is excellent for those wishing for more realistic LEGO sets, or for people who build real-world scenarios which need guns. As with the other Bits packs, the objects have very little detail in terms of prints, and no stickers at all.

Mad Scientist Reusable Stickers

These stickers have a science/mad scientist theme and even more interesting, they glow in the dark! So not only you’ll have reusable stickers to create a lab with, but they take the play to the next level by glowing when the lights go out. As with other BrickStix stickers, they detach and reattach to their original card very easily. This one comes with 41 stickers on two cards. Make sure to save the packaging, as it’s a great way to keep your stickers safe when they’re not in use.

Fairytales Reusable Stickers

BrickStix Fairytales Reusable Stickers

These stickers have a very cool fairytale/fantasy theme. It fits with the Castles stickers as well. As with all BrickStix stickers, they’re compatible with LEGO and other plastic bricks without leaving residue and being completely reusable. If you don’t want them there anymore, just unstick and place back on the card. These come with 46 stickers, mostly with fantasy-looking things such as doors, windows, and dresses.

Castles Reusable Stickers

BrickStix Castles Reusable Stickers

These cards come with 66 removable stickers, with a medieval castle theme. These include doors, pennants, medieval-style dresses, and more. There is enough variety for some solid gameplay with these stickers. They also match in some fashion the Fairytales Reusable Stickers.

Zombies Reusable Stickers

BrickStix Zombies Reusable Stickers

These come with 44 stickers on various zombie-related subjects. These include boarded-up doors, frayed and ripped clothing, objects such as gas gallons, fire, axes and more. These are great to add more personality and variety to LEGO builds and play.

Pets Reusable Stickers

BrickStix Pets Reusable Stickers

This one has 44 stickers related to veterinary and pet shops. They include tops (minifigure compatible), signs, objects decoration, windows and doors following the theme, and more. Perfect to create your veterinary clinic or pet shop store.

Home Reusable Stickers

BrickStix Home Reusable Stickers

These offer more generic home and family stickers. These are doors (more like real-world, modern doors), windows, newspapers, simple clothes, lamps, appliances, and much more. These are very good for people who have LEGO cities, as they add more detail and realism to normal houses.

Rescue Reusable Stickers

BrickStix Rescue Reusable Stickers

These match well with Fire Station sets or related rescue sets. They include signs such as “HOSPITAL” and warnings against forest fires, landing pads, clothing such as doctors, police and SWAT, badges, fire, and more. Makes for interesting playing scenarios. Since the stickers detach well and with no residue, it’ll be fun for disaster/fire play — just remove the fire once the rescue is done!

So these are the products BrickStix sent us. These custom LEGO stickers offer a lot of gameplay and detail, and the accessories certainly enhance minifigure play, especially the weaponry, as these are not normally available for LEGO. While they do not exactly follow the style used by LEGO and look more generic, they don’t appear so different as to compromise the look of the whole thing. Quite the opposite, as they look quite pretty and detailed.

Overall, we believe BrickStix is an excellent choice. They add new dimensions and variability to your LEGO sets, make them more interactive and entertaining as a whole, as well as being detailed and good-looking as a whole — which certainly helps! The Glow in the Dark ones are especially fun and come in different themes as well. Beyond those shown here, there are more specialised ones, and even more, kid-friendly ones based on Nickelodeon cartoons. There are also military themed ones for adults and children who would like to reenact scenes and play in a more realistic fashion. The BrickStix products are definitely worth a look and a buy.

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