Box4Blox: The Best LEGO Storage Box & Organiser? (Review)

The Box4Blox LEGO Storage Box is a series of stacking trays that quickly organise and store your LEGO pieces by size. Each box contains openings, allowing pieces to pass through. The top box has the largest openings and the bottom box has the smallest. This allows for the smallest LEGO pieces to pass through to the very bottom, and the largest will sit at the very top. There are four colourful boxes, which make a 10┬╝ inch (260mm) cube, holding approximately 1,600 LEGO bricks.

You’re probably wondering how effective the Box4Blox storage system is, so we’ve decided to post a review below.

Box4Blox LEGO Storage Box Organiser

How It Works?

Before getting into the review, you should firstly see how the Box4Blox works via the official promotional video. The Box4Blox works like a coin sorter. Remove the top lid, load a handful of pieces into the top tray, and gently shake or spread the contents around the tray. The pieces will drop down through the holes.

Notably, the Box4Blox can be used for many different scenarios. Firstly, it’s a great way to tidy kids LEGO sets, which often end up scattered over the floor. It’s also very good for the Adult Fan of LEGO too (AFOL). Find out why in our review below.

Note: We advise removing obviously large pieces such as base plates and large bricks, to ensure an easy sort.

Pros & Cons

The Box4Blox does exactly what it claims to do. It organises and stores LEGO pieces very efficiently by automatically grading them into a tray with similar sized pieces – Sizes go from large, to medium, to small, to hard-to-find tiny pieces.
Although the Box4blox has been designed to organise and store LEGO for the average family type LEGO user, it’s actually very effective as a pre-sorter. Those with thousands of LEGO pieces can efficiently pre-sort their LEGO and then further sort the trays by colour, item type etc. This is a much, much quicker way of sorting and to our knowledge is the best sorter available.
A cube makes for easy, efficient storage.
Ordinary containers need to be labelled. In contrast the Box4Blox LEGO Storage system does not need to be labelled (you still can if you want)! It’s easy to remember that the smaller pieces will fill the bottom containers.
The box looks fun and the quality is excellent.
It’s a fun, encouraging way to tidy up. It may just motivate the kids to keep a tidy room!
It’s very user friendly, with no complicated latching systems or removable parts that can get lost or broken.
You can easily pull apart the cube to see the contents of a tray.
The way you carry the Box4blox is to pick it up with two hands under the bottom tray. It would be better if all compartments were clipped together so you could use a carry handle for easier transportation.
Sometimes long thin pieces can filter into the wrong trays.
It is not meant for use with LEGO Explore (Duplo) or Baby (Primo) scale toys, which are too large for the sorting trays.
A welcomed addition would be other colours, such transparent trays to see the organiser in action. Box4Blox are presently looking into this.
The Box4Blox cannot organise by colour, but this is not its purpose.


A visual of the Box4Blox cube / trays pulled apart

When building, especially from a large tub, it’s often a good idea to organise pieces by size. This speeds up the build process significantly. In our opinion, this is the best LEGO organiser available for average family users and will be a fantastic pre-sorter for Adult Fans of LEGO. For average family LEGO users it perfectly stores your LEGO too. The aesthetic Box4Blox cube will motivate LEGO users worldwide to keep their collections tidy.

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Box4Blox: The Best LEGO Storage Box & Organiser
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