LEGO Brick Seperator Tool by Brick Popper Review

LEGO Brick Seperator Tool by Brick Popper - Ultra-Fast Removal

Find yourself constantly taking apart your new LEGO builds and want to save your fingernails? There’s a special tool for that and today we are going to review its effectiveness. The LEGO Brick Seperator Tool by Brick Popper allows for the fast removal of bricks and parts (even base plates), without damaging your nails. The tool has rounded edges on the tip and has been approved for ages 6+. The material used in the tip ensures that your treasured LEGO pieces do not get scratched during removal.

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LEGO Brick Seperator Tool by Brick Popper

Promotional Video by Brick Popper:

The LEGO Seperator tool by Brick Popper is designed to effortlessly pop apart bricks that are stuck together. As shown in the video above, it can often be difficult to seperate parts such as base plates that have been stuck together. With the Brick Popper’s patent pending groove this is a thing of the past. Or, you can use the spoke to pull special bricks off.

It’s worth noting that the official LEGO Brick Seperator tool does work very well, and is cheaper, but from our experience, this product is great for hard to remove pieces (such as base plates).

One of our favourite benefits of this tool is the speed at which you can pop apart bricks, most importantly without any scratches (just like the official LEGO plastic seperator tool). During a build there are times when you will need to reposition pieces which are often difficult to seperate, with this LEGO Brick Seperator tool on hand it can significantly improve the build time.


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