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Could LEGO expand the Diagon Alley 2020 set (75978) by adding Gringotts Bank?

Could LEGO expand the Diagon Alley 2020 set (75978) by adding Gringotts Bank?

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The huge LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley set from 2020 includes several fan favourites from the wizard world’s shopping street, but is lacking one of the Alley’s biggest institutions in Gringotts Bank.

Many fans have found this frustrating, especially since the bank was included in an earlier LEGO Diagon Alley set (10217) from 2011.

The bumper set has a total of 5,544 pieces and is made up of four sections all connected by their baseplates, which means that a separate Gringotts extension would be easy to work into the set.

You can see a comparison of the two Diagon Alley sets in MandRProductions video here, looking at how the sets differ with and without the inclusion of Gringotts Bank.

LEGO Designers Interview

YouTuber Bricks by Mind got a chance to ask LEGO staff whether the set was likely to be extended in future during an interview at a recent RLFM (Recognised LEGO Fan Media) day, as you can see in his video here;

Bricks by Mind paraphrases the LEGO designers throughout his video, who unfortunately told him that ‘there’s no current plans for future Diagon Alley sets’. Not good news for the fans who feel the set would benefit from expansions.

On a positive note, the designers acknowledged that;

‘they are aware that there is one significant building missing from the set which they are open to making in the future but at the moment there are no plans to do so’ and that the set was designed to be open to expansions in the future.

What’s next?

So whilst LEGO Gringotts is not currently on the way, the designers also noted that fans should get in touch and let them know about any sets they want via LEGO’s feedback page;