LEGO 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train Set Review

The LEGO 60051 High-speed Passenger Train is a wonderful addition to your LEGO City. This train is more modern than previous LEGO Passenger Train sets, with a sleek design closer to what we see in cities today.


LEGO 60051 High-speed Passenger Train Set

LEGO trains are popular for many different reasons, but the LEGO 60051 set is one of a kind. The design is closer to modern, high-speed trains rather than the older style from other sets. Released in 2014, this train is still quite popular — and still a good addition to any LEGO enthusiast collection.

This set is appropriate for children aged 6-12. Still, adults will enjoy this 7-speed, remote-controlled LEGO Passenger Train just the same.

The LEGO 60051 High-speed Passenger Train is 4cm high, 77cm long and 5cm wide. The Way Station included is 7cm high, 19cm wide and 13cm deep. Each curved train track piece measures 14cm x 7cm, while the straight train track pieces measure 13cm x 6cm.

What’s included in the box?

LEGO 60051 Set Box -- Front LEGO 60051 Set Box -- Back

The LEGO 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train set includes:

  • 610 pieces
  • A motorized locomotive with three cars. This LEGO Passenger Train sits a total 8 mini figures, including a driver. More mini figures will fit standing on the train if desired.
  • An 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control
  • A Power Functions motor
  • A small way station with a crossing
  • 16 curved rail tracks and 4 straight ones
  • A bicycle
  • 3 mini figures (train driver, traveller and a cyclist)
  • Stickers
  • Instructions

This set does not come with batteries.

Unboxing & Speed Building Video

See the full unboxing and speed building video of the LEGO 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train set here.

LEGO High-Speed Passenger Train 60051 Pictures

This LEGO Passenger Train comes with curved and straight tracks.

The LEGO 60051 set comes with three minifigures and a Way Station
This set comes with a Train Driver and a Passenger mini figures.
This set comes with a cyclist mini figure and a crossing, good to play with your LEGO City Train.
The cyclist minifigure comes with a bicycle.

The LEGO 60051 set has a small Way Station. The LEGO High-Speed Passenger Train is relatively small, but nice and realistic.

LEGO High-Speed Passenger Train Review

This set is fairly easy to assemble, and the battery box, motor and receiver and fairly simple to set up. You may want to have a small screwdriver and some extra AAA batteries on hand. The design is sleeker and more realistic than the previous LEGO Passenger Train. The stickers give it more detail, including on the doors. The Way Station is also fairly realistic-looking, although quite small.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The nose and tail of the end might be hard to attach, but nothing impossible. There are also several windows, which can be a bit of a pain to attach. The insides aren’t very detailed, but it doesn’t detract from the overall look and feel of the train.

You will want to place the platform on the inside of the tracks. This is because the nose of the train sticks out and may hit the platform as it moves, especially if it’s close to a curve. At higher speeds, the train may derail. Sometimes it’s easier to just stop it altogether than try to slow it down.

As with other LEGO City Train sets, there may be issues with the motor at first, when it comes to batteries. Fiddling around and replacing them usually fixes the issue, but it may happen.

The track may look too small for the whole build, so extra track sets may be required. Still, it isn’t any smaller than other LEGO City Train sets, so whether or not you’ll need more train track pieces, it’s all up to you. You may want a longer train, as well, as though it stores a decent amount of mini figures, some might think it a bit too small. Buying two LEGO 60051 sets makes it possible to make a bigger train, and you’ll only need one engine. There is no need for two motors.

Some may also want to swap the Power Functions motor with an old, 9v motor. This works rather well in this train as well, and you can set it to run on 9v train tracks, too.

The cars connect via magnets, which may cause issues sometimes, but usually work fine.

Conclusion & Final Considerations

As mentioned above, the LEGO 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train is a good set overall, even with its (easily fixable) shortcomings. While it’s not as detailed or impressive as other trains, it’s very good starter set for future LEGO enthusiasts.


Because it’s fairly simple, it’s also good for children, or to introduce children, teens and even adults to Power Function LEGO sets. As a LEGO City Train, it’ll look good and modern among other LEGO City sets.

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