LEGO 41062 Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Review

Welcome to Elsa’s own LEGO Frozen Castle! This set is part of the Disney Princess set and perfect for any Frozen-obsessed child to play with. Let’s take a look at the LEGO 41062 Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle set!


LEGO 41062 Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

One of the most remarkable settings in the 2013 Disney feature film Frozen is the sparkling castle. Made of ice and snow, this castle is the home of our main character, Elsa, and the goal of her sister Anna’s adventure.

Released in 2015, this set recreates the ice castle its own way. The LEGO Frozen Castle 292-piece set is fairly simple to build and perfect for both younger and older children. It brings both Anna and Elsa in mini-doll shapes like those in the Friends theme, as well as plenty of accessories and features.

An important feature in any LEGO set is how playable they are, and this set is not any different. It is sure to inspire your children’s creativity as they play with this set. Recreate scenes from their movie or make their own stories, with or without other LEGO sets to add up to whatever story your child desires.

The castle is 23cm high, 20cm wide and 11cm deep. It also comes with a sleigh, that is 6cm long, 4cm wide and 2cm high.

What’s in the box?

LEGO 41062 Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle Box

  • 292 pieces
  • Queen Elsa and Princess Anna mini-dolls
  • Olaf mini-doll
  • The castle features an icicle tree, secret staircase, ice cream bar and bed
  • A sleigh and ice hill
  • Accessories such as skis, ice skates, tiara and hair bow
  • A picnic setting

How much does it cost?

This 2015 LEGO Elsa’s Castle set is retired and thus, prices may vary according to region and rarity.

LEGO 41062 Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Speed Build

LEGO Frozen Castle Pictures

LEGO Frozen Castle Back View LEGO Frozen Castle Front View

Ice Slope LEGO 41062 Set
This icy slope also doubles as a secret compartment.
Olaf mini-doll picnic setting LEGO Frozen Castle set
Olaf mini-doll in his “in summer” picnic setting.
Anna Mini-Doll And Sleigh LEGO Frozen Castle
Anna mini-doll with her torch and sleigh

LEGO Frozen Castle Review

The main audience of this set is young children, so it’s no surprise it’s a quick build. While some might criticize the lack of a Sven or Kristoff figure, this set delivers what it means to deliver: a fun experience mostly aimed at young girls.

It’s no coincidence that this LEGO Frozen Castle has mini-dolls instead of minifigures. The Anna and Elsa dolls come in the same model as the Friends set mini-dolls, and they have room for interchangeable parts, which encourage roleplaying and creativity for the children. The castle itself also looks very good, if relatively small, and makes for a great toy.

The set comes with some stickers to add to the overall decoration. This includes mirrored stickers to the outside walls of the castle, and to a book accessory. Some ice pieces come with glitter inside, which gives them a very nice sparkle and shine effect.

Elsa comes with an ice bolt accessory, which contrasts nicely with Anna’s torch. The build of the torch also matches the sleigh, as it looks like it’s blowing on the wind. Both mini-dolls have capes, with Elsa’s having shining details inside.

The ice slope has a secret compartment — awesome for roleplaying purposes, as you can hide things in there for the mini-dolls to find. The staircase in the castle is also movable and can fan out or close up. The picnic setting also adds a nice touch to the whole set, especially with the inclusion of Olaf.

Pros & Cons

The shine and colour of the castle are its main features. The ice details come in transparent blue pieces, which alternate with very light aqua pieces representing snow. These add a great variety to the look, making it more realistic. There are several pieces in light and medium lavender colours as well, which are all new to this set. Other original recolours include a unicorn horn piece in orange for Olaf’s nose and carrot tops in brown for Olaf’s arms.
The castle itself, as mentioned, is fairly small, but this also makes it a nice, easy build for younger children, in special, it’s appropriate for children as young as five.
While some might think the flowers are out of place in this mostly wintery setting, they give some chance for the castle to go beyond the original storyline. The Disney short which followed Frozen, which shows Arendell in winter, is a good hint on why these flowers are there.
In fact, the castle itself isn’t perfectly accurate to the movie (not that it would be possible with just 292 pieces). Instead, it also incorporates aspects from the Once upon a time TV series, with an ice cream parlour that, while it does not belong to the cartoon, does show in the TV series. It also adds more playability to the set, though some children might wonder why it is there.
Also included are a pair of skis and a pair of skates. While it would be nice to have two sets of each, the lack of a second pair of skis or skates doesn’t affect this set very much. The sleigh is also very nicely built and comes with a slope as well. The sleigh will fit regular LEGO minifigures, which makes the LEGO 41062 set more playable.


All in all, this set is small and simple, but it’s great for its playability and target audience, which is mainly young girls. This set joins other later Disney Princess sets, which are closer to the Friends and other girl-oriented sets.

As such, it’s very playable and very interesting especially for children around five and six, sometimes even younger. There’s enough there to mix and match with other LEGO sets, so the LEGO Frozen Castle provides very good value for the price. In special, it makes a great present for younger children who are still on the Frozen craze — especially as the release date of Frozen 2 approaches!


So what do you think? Do you have the LEGO 41062 set? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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