New LEGO Friends 2018 Pods Released

The LEGO Friends series returns in full force for 2018, including new and fun sets! Aimed at young girls, this set has mini-dolls rather than minifigures, as well as a more colourful and friendly sort of outlook. This year we also get some LEGO Friends 2018 Pods, so let’s take a look at them!

New LEGO Friends 2018 Pods Released

Pods are very small sets contained inside a plastic container (like a… pod), which often include a minifig and some small accessories. They’re an inexpensive way to get characters and some items, and sometimes come as bonuses in larger buys. Lots of themes have pods, including Ninjago and Star Wars.

These very small sets are fun because they’re self-contained, and their size makes it easy to transport to places and play wherever you go. The builds also fit inside the pod, so you don’t even have to rebuild every time you want to play. They’re a clever alternative for quick fun!

The LEGO Friends 2018 Pods are no different. There’s one for each of the main characters in the theme, and each with an appropriate build.

853774 Olivia’s Satellite Pod

Olivia's Satellite LEGO Friends 2018 Pods

This pod includes Olivia, the scientist of the five-friends group. The set includes a small brick-built robot (named Zobo), and what looks like a science lab, where we have a satellite dish attached. Like most pod sets, it’s fairly simple, but still an interesting choice for Olivia, reflecting the character quite well. In this pod, Olivia wears a pink shirt, a yellow skirt and has yellow shoes. She also wears glasses, which is unlike previous versions of the character.

853775 Andre’s DJ Pod

Andrea's DJ Pod LEGO Friends 2018 Pods

Andrea is the musician of the Friends core group! Her pod comes with a DJ mixing table, including what looks like a headphones accessory. She wears an orange shirt decorated with music notes, a light blue skirt, and pink sneakers. The set also includes a colourful pink bird.

853776 Emma’s Photo Studio Pod

Emma's Photo Studio LEGO Friends 2018 Pods

Emma has her own pod as well, in the shape of her photographer studio. This seems to be a novelty for this character, as there are no other sets thus far that associate her with photography. Still, the group’s beautician has a photo studio with what seems like a photographer’s lamp, a bow accessory, and a desk. There doesn’t seem to be a camera included in the set. It does include a pet cat figure. The grey cat doesn’t seem to be Emma’s own cat, Jewel, though it might be a new character for 2018.

853777 Mia’s Exploration Pod

Mia's Exploration LEGO Friends 2018 Pods

This set is all about Mia’s exploration and nature-loving self. It includes a map, what looks like some sort of tree or flower, a compass, a flashlight and what looks like a helmet. Mia herself wears her signature ponytail, purple shorts and a green and blue shirt. She also has a pet bunny with her, with a cart to carry it with.

853778 Stephanie’s Pool Pod

Stephanie comes with all her favourite pool equipment, as well as a round piece to represent the pool itself. This pod includes pool stairs, goggles, flippers, and other interesting objects. Stephanie comes with blue shorts, a light blue jacket and a white shirt. She also has a pet dog with her.

So these are the LEGO Friends 2018 Pods! One for each character, each of them with a lot of character. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

New LEGO Friends 2018 Pods Released
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New LEGO Friends 2018 Pods Released
This year brings fresh new Friends items -- including fun LEGO Friends 2018 Pods! Each of the five main characters gets one, with cool new animals and accessories; 853778 Stephanie's Pool Pod, 853777 Mia's Exploration Pod, 853776 Emma's Photo Studio Pod, 853775 Andre's DJ Pod and 853774 Olivia's Satellite Pod.
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Ninja Brick
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