LEGO 4730 The Chamber of Secrets Review

The Chamber of Secrets! The LEGO 4730 set, inspired by the book and film of the same theme, is part of a LEGO Harry Potter subtheme — one that had several sets. This is one of the largest. Let’s check it out!


LEGO 4730 The Chamber of Secrets

The LEGO Chamber of Secrets is one of the biggest LEGO sets in the theme. While it’s relatively small, at 591 pieces, this 2002 release packed quite a lot of features.

This set is structured around scenes of the Chamber of Secrets book/movie, which is somewhat inevitable. It includes the Moaning Myrtle bathroom, the Chamber itself and more interestingly — a basilisk. The LEGO 4730 Chamber of Secrets comes with five minifigures, which is a rather sizable collection.

The set does bring some playable features, including the sliding trapdoor which leads to the Chamber itself, in Myrtle’s bathroom — a nice touch! The whole set can open through two hinges, or remain closed up and shape a full room. Either way is great for play, though not as much for display.

What’s in the box?

LEGO 4730 The Chamber of Secrets

  • 591 pieces
  • A Basilisk
  • Fawkes the Phoenix
  • Five minifigures: Tom Riddle, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley and Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Accessories including the Sorting Hat, Sword of Gryffindor, several snakes, a spider, a goblet and Tom Riddle’s diary

How much does it cost?

The LEGO 4730 set is retired and cost may change according to availability in your region.

LEGO Chamber of Secrets Speed Build Video

LEGO Chamber of Secrets Pictures

LEGO Chamber of Secrets Full Build
Chamber of Secrets while open

LEGO 4730 Chamber of Secrets Review

This set is quite interesting and one that stands well against the test of time. While the exterior is not as well made (and thus, it wouldn’t make for a very nice display when closed), the inside is very interesting.

The chamber

The main thrust of the LEGO Chamber of Secrets set is the chamber itself, which is quite faithful to the original vision. When closed, we have the face of Salazar Slytherin on one end and Myrtle’s bathroom on the other. The bathroom is on the second floor and has a trapdoor that creates a ramp (made of smooth tiles) through which minifigures will slide to the Chamber.

In the second floor, we find a large corridor/open section where one can play out their scenes. The Basilisk can flow through Salazar’s mouth, just as in the book/movie, and attack the characters. The Basilisk itself is a unique piece and comes with glow in the dark knives for the fangs. The fangs are detachable as well, for playable purposes.

There are other features in the set. On each side wall, you can push or pull some pieces to drop or move the walls, revealing secret items. These are a spider and Sorting Hat on one side, and a snake and Sword of Gryffindor on the other. The whole set comes with several spiders, two used as accessories, one attached to a wall (which spins in) and one that lies on a piece of the floor. Or anywhere else, of course; that’s up to you.

The walls also come with tower decorations, including one with a beautiful, stained glass effect.

The Basilisk and Fawkes

This set comes with two exclusive animals: the Basilisk and Fawkes. The Basilisk has a beautiful scale pattern on its torso, and the teeth are glow in the dark, which looks good. They are also removable, which makes it even more playable and good for reuse.

The Fawkes piece is unique. It has a long tail which minifigures can grab onto and a beautiful red colour. The end of the tail is also gold and orange, making it even more interesting.


The LEGO 4730 set comes with five minifigures. Harry and Ron are the most common, both in their yellow look and both in uniform. They come with capes as well, unlike the newer versions. All minifigures in this set are in the yellow-faced version. The flesh-coloured ones would appear only later, in 2010. This version of Harry is the same that appears in Dumbledore’s Office.

Ginny is not an exclusive figure, but she’s rare. This version appears in only one other set, the Harry Potter Minifigure Collection Gallery 3. This makes her almost exclusive to this one. The same happens with the Tom Riddle minifigure, who appears in the Gallery 4. Both are in their school uniforms and wear capes.

This set, however, brings a truly exclusive minifigure: Gilderoy Lockhart in his pink outfit. His torso is very nicely finished with a tan vest.


Unfortunately, the play features leave the extra items evident on the outside, and there is little care to how it looks from there. This is very much a play-first set, though, good for children and even for adults who’d like to display it with the side walls opened up.

On the other side, the LEGO 4730 has plenty interesting pieces, two quite unique animals (Fawkes and the Basilisk) and plenty of snakes and items. Even if you aren’t playing, it’s worth it for the unique items and minifigure.

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