LEGO 4737 Harry Potter Quidditch Match Review

Ah, Quidditch. Who doesn’t love it?! Who doesn’t dream they could play it? Sporty Potterheads certainly do, and while we haven’t worked functional flying brooms yet… we have the LEGO 4737 Harry Potter Quidditch set instead. Let’s check it out.


LEGO 4737 Harry Potter Quidditch Match Set

Playing Quidditch, much like visiting Diagon Alley and studying at Hogwarts, are part of the Wizarding world experience. Most of us, just like Harry, wished we played it or at least watched it. This sport plays on flying brooms and has the just-right amount of excitement and danger to please even the most demanding sportsman.

It’s no wonder it’s so popular in the Wizarding world, and fortunately, LEGO brought it to us as well. The LEGO 4737 Harry Potter Quidditch Match set brings with it four hoops, five minifigures and a spectator/referee tower. It also includes a trophy, which is a nice addition to the LEGO Harry Potter theme.

This set is fairly small, with only 153 pieces, and has a pretty straightforward building. Nonetheless, it looks good, includes unique minifigures, and has a lot of playability for Harry Potter and Quidditch fans everywhere. It might even be fun to join the whole family and play a match with the minifigures!

What’s in the box?

LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Match Box

  • 153 pieces, including metallic gold pieces for the hoops
  • 5 minifigures: Harry Potter, Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy, Marcus Flint and Madam Hooch
  • Spectator stands
  • 5 brooms, a Quaffle, Bludgers, Golden Snitch, a chest, three goal posts, catapults and a trophy and trophy stand with flags for Slytherin and Gryffindor

How much does it cost?

This set is sadly retired and thus, prices may vary according to availability in your region.

LEGO Quidditch Match Speedbuild

LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Match Set Pictures

LEGO 4727 Harry Potter Quidditch Match Full Set


Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter LEGO Quidditch Match
Draco and Harry minifigures with their brooms
LEGO Quidditch Match Oliver Wood with Quidditch Chest
Oliver Wood with the Beater’s bat and Quidditch balls equipment chest
Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood LEGO Quidditch Match
Marcus Flint (Slytherin) and Oliver Wood (Gryffindor) minifigures on their brooms

LEGO Quidditch Match Set Review

This relatively small LEGO Quidditch set is a major improvement over the 2002 LEGO Quidditch Practice set. This one has more pieces, better-looking goal posts, and more minifigures.

This is a very easy build, and thus, perfect for children to build and play with themselves.

Pros & Cons

In the pros, this set has better hoops, as mentioned above. This time they are rubber, flexible, and golden, unlike the previous grey. The tower (originally identified as Hufflepuff tower, but actually Ravenclaw tower) is also quite big, standing at 17 cm, and has a hole for the players to fly through.
This set also comes with five brooms, and they’re distinguished by colour and design, which is a neat addition. Harry rides his Nimbus 2000 (brown), Marcus Flint and Draco Malfoy have black Nimbus 2001 brooms, and Oliver Wood has a plain brown school broom. There is an extra, spare school broom for Madame Hooch.
The LEGO Quidditch Match set also comes with a chest with the balls, including a minifigure-sized Golden Snitch. It also comes with Beater bats, though none of the characters is a Beater.
Let’s see the cons: while this set is an improvement, it doesn’t bring a full Quidditch team. This makes sense, as there would be a lot of minifigures, all of which would need to be exclusive in their uniforms. Still, two minifigures on each team is an improvement over only one per team and already shows some playability.
A suggestion would also be a clear stand for the brooms. Some LEGO spaceships and other aerial vehicles come with stamps to help both in play and display, a feature the LEGO Quidditch brooms could benefit from. This doesn’t take away from the set’s playability, however, even if it would be a good thing to have.
The Golden Snitch also isn’t as gold as the previous version, but it’s still very good. The catapults actually work and are good to throw the Quaffle (red) or the Bludgers (black) that come with this set.


All minifigures are exclusive to this set, except Harry Potter who also appears in magnet form. Oliver Wood and Marcus Flint, unfortunately, do not have double faces, but the other three minifigures do. This is, in fact, the only set where these minifigures appear in any form.

Harry and Draco wear their Quidditch uniforms for this set in the 2010 redesign, which is more put together and darker than the previous versions. Madame Hooch also appears for the second time, but this minifigure is the only one with a flesh-toned face. The previous version had a LEGO yellow face.


The LEGO 4737 set is relatively small and simple, which adds a lot of playability, brings lots of Quidditch accessories, and unique minifigures worthy of any LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch collection!

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