LEGO 4841 Hogwarts Express Set Review

It’s the Hogwarts Express! How many wanted to be in it whenever a new movie or book came out? Several of us, I’m sure. Fortunately, the LEGO 4841 Hogwarts Express set helps us with those stories. Let’s check it out.


LEGO 4841 Hogwarts Express Review

The LEGO 4841 Hogwarts Express set recreates the iconic train of the films and books in LEGO form. This set brings the best of LEGO and the best of Harry Potter as well. It’s sure to complement any collection, but more than that, the train looks good on its own as well. Other than the front, if one desires, it can double as a regular (if classic) train in other, non-Harry Potter settings.

This set isn’t the first LEGO Hogwarts Express, in fact, it’s the third version. Released in 2010, this set follows sets 4708 (2001), 4758 (2004) and 10132 (2004). Unlike the previous sets, this one is a complete redesign of the same theme, and it’s actually a full train rather than just a locomotive and single car (the LEGO 10132 being the only other with three cars).

This version of the Hogwarts Express is also meant to cover more scenes from the franchise, whereas the previous ones focus on only one or two scenarios at a time. This, of course, improves the playability of the LEGO 4841 set. You can sit minifigures inside and even work with the food trolley.

This 53 cm long train has three cars: locomotive, tender, and a passenger car. It also comes with five minifigures, including Luna and Draco. Other than playability, which is a great encouragement for creativity, this set also makes for a very good display piece, as it’s fairly elegant and well-made.

What’s in the box?

LEGO 4841 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Box

  • 646 pieces
  • 5 minifigures: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy
  • Accessories such as owls, a spider, a rat, a Daily Prophet and Quibbler, realistic-looking luggage, wands, and more
  • The famous food trolley, with ice cream and a chocolate frog
  • The Weasley’s Ford Anglia

How much does it cost?

This LEGO Hogwarts Express set is currently retired, which means it won’t be found as easily. This may change the prices, as the set becomes rarer.

LEGO 4841 Hogwarts Express Fast Build

LEGO Hogwarts Express 4841 Pictures

LEGO Hogwarts Express Locomotive Front LEGO Hogwarts Express Locomotive Back LEGO Hogwarts Express Passenger Car LEGO Hogwarts Express Luggage Compartment

LEGO 4841 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set Review

The first main change between this set and the previous ones is size. Previous versions were much simpler and smaller, with only the locomotive and passenger car. This one is a more fleshed out train and includes a tender as well. It feels like a regular train, albeit a magical one!

The cars attach through magnets and therefore may be set in any order desired. Moreover, yellow pieces from previous versions come in gold in this one, which makes the whole thing more realistic and put together.

The LEGO 4841 set is also one of the only two (the other being the LEGO 4842 Hogwarts Castle) to have the invisibility cloak item. While this might not seem significant, it’s still a fun addition, considering it also brings the Draco Malfoy minifigure and thus, enables you to play specific scenes that happen on this train. Surprisingly, it does not include a Hermione minifigure (although some of the promotional images show her in the train), but it does bring both Ginny and Luna, which are less common in Harry Potter sets.

The passenger car fits four minifigures with a table for each pair and has windows through which you can see the characters inside. The whole top is built in a way that can open, adding to the play features of this set.

Pros & Cons

The inclusion of the Weasley’s Ford Anglia (also known as Flying Ford Anglia) also sets up a very interesting scene, especially as this set includes a Ron Weasley minifigure. This way, the famous scene where Harry and Ron drive to Hogwarts may play out very well. It also helps to set this version of the LEGO Hogwarts Express apart, as it’s not just the train, either, and especially since it doesn’t include a Platform 9¾ build.

This version of the flying car is more streamlined and unique as well, not at all a repeat from the 4728 Escape from Privet Drive set. This new version looks far less blocky and has a smoother build. It does sit two minifigures inside it, too.

There’s plenty of interesting items in this set, including owls and luggage. The tender car has a secret compartment for the luggage. More interesting, though, is the presence of wand cases, which are exclusive to this set and a very nice addition.

This train is, unfortunately, not motorized. In fact, one of the downsides of this set is that it doesn’t come with any tracks, which is odd for a LEGO train set. While it doesn’t truly detract from the set, it’s still an odd choice to not include a circuit of tracks as most train sets have.


All minifigures in this set are unique in some way. Ron’s has a tousled hairpiece like in set 10217, but with different coloured pants.

Draco’s minifigure is unique to this set and has the 2010 redesigned uniform, including a Slytherin house shield on his chest. Ginny has a new uniform style as well, with her own house badge on her chest. Luna is also unique, with an exclusive hairpiece for this theme, and a double face with and without Spectrespecs.

In fact, all minifigures have double faces. Harry and Ginny alternate smiling and frowning expressions, Luna’s the aforementioned Spectrespecs, and Draco alternates a smirking and angry expression. Ron has smiling and scared faces. This set is the only LEGO Hogwarts Express with this many minifigures.


This set has its flaws, such as the lack of tracks and the fact it can’t be easily motorized (it’s still possible, but not a built-in feature). But overall, it’s an excellent choice, in special for the minifigures, accessories and of course the train itself, allowing for a lot of roleplay.

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