LEGO 4866 The Knight Bus Set Review

The Knight Bus is one of those short-lived but memorable items in the Harry Potter saga. While we don’t know much about it and it doesn’t appear that often, it’s still one of the characteristic Wizarding transportation methods we’ve met. Let’s take a look at the LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus!


LEGO 4866 The Harry Potter Knight Bus Set

The Knight Bus is a marvel to look at. Not only in the franchise, where the magical bus does awesome stuff, but in its LEGO incarnation. LEGO is fairly popular for its vehicles, and this Wizarding bus is no exception.

This three-decker bus comes in its characteristic purple colour. It has clear windows, a chandelier on the bottom tier, and a bed, much like in the books. The set comes with three minifigures (Harry Potter, Stan Shunpike and Ernie Prang, as well as the shrunken head), and it’s on LEGO City scale. Even if you aren’t a Potter fan, this set is still good for your regular cities, or just as decoration.

The LEGO Knight Bus is fairly small (12cm long and 15cm tall), but it’s effective and impactful. There’s lots of room inside, in spite of the size, and it’s easy to access, bringing lots of playing abilities to this set.

Released in June 2011, LEGO 4866 is a remake of a previous version, the LEGO 4755 set. These are fairly similar, but this version has redesigned minifigures (as well as an exclusive, Ernie Prang) and the Shrunken Head, which was only a print in the previous model.

What’s in the box?

LEGO 4866 The Knight Bus Box

  • 281 pieces
  • Three minifigures: Ernie Prang, Harry Potter and Stan Shunpike
  • The Cockney shrunken head
  • Hedwig
  • Accessories including a trunk with socks

How much does it cost?

Like most sets in this theme, the LEGO Harry Potter bus is retired. Price and availability may change according to your region.

LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus Video

LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus Pictures

LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus full set
This set includes three minifigures: Harry Potter, Ernie Prang (driver) and Stan Shunpike. It has a step behind the bus for Stan to cling to.

LEGO 4866 Knight Bus Front LEGO 4866 Knight Bus First Deck LEGO 4866 Knight Bus First Deck

LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus Review

This set is remarkably versatile. The bus is purple, so if you like doing your own stuff, there’s a nice source of purple bricks there. But even if you don’t intend to cannibalize it, it’s a great set — it does a lot with very little.

The LEGO Knight Bus is just like in the movies and books, a three-floor vehicle which includes amenities like chandeliers and beds inside. This version does include a bed, sitting space in the two top tiers, and standing space as well. It’s roomy for its size, which of course adds a lot of playability.

As well as being a faithful representation of the Harry Potter Knight Bus, this set can be rebuilt as a two-tier London Bus and as a regular bus as well — so if you tire of it as a LEGO Harry Potter set, you can recycle it as something else altogether.

The topmost tier fits the swinging chandelier, but still has room in it. The second fits Harry, his trunk and Hedwig. The bottom tier has the sliding bed, which is a cool feature that harkens back to the original.

As a remake of a previous, 2004 set, LEGO 4866 is slightly shorter and more detailed. It also includes the Shrunken Head as a small cylindrical piece with a face print on it — it is NOT a minifigure head!

This set also does something interesting: when you roll it, it does recreate some of the uneven wobbliness of the bus, without falling apart. The bed will slide at turns, and the chandelier will swing, which is a neat feature.


Stan Shunpike appears in a redesign, wearing a hat and with purple torso and legs. This design is new, although it is not the first time it appears in a Harry Potter set (he also appears in other Knight Bus sets). In this attire and design, he’s exclusive to LEGO 4866.

Ernie Prang, however, is exclusive to this set. The LEGO Knight Bus driver is very nicely portrayed as an elderly man. Harry, on the other hand, is the same version that shows in LEGO The Burrow and LEGO Diagon Alley. In fact, LEGO advertised this set as a complement to set 10217. If you have the Diagon Alley set, this is a good complement.


This set does what it means to, with details on the swinging chandelier and the unattached bed a nice detail to the bus. Otherwise, it’s also quite versatile, as you can use it as a regular bus or a double-decker bus if you wish.

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