LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store Ideas 2049-Piece Set Review

Ah, the sea. Who doesn’t love a beach vacation? What about some fishing? This beautiful LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store is a great reminder of coastal cities and fishing trips abroad — a delightful set for adults and children alike!


LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store Ideas Set

The LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store set is a marvel of engineering. This set, released on Sept. 1st, 2017, is detailed and good to play with — both awesome qualities in a LEGO set.

This is a LEGO Ideas set. This means the public submitted the idea to LEGO. Idea sets need at least 10,000 votes for LEGO to consider them for production. This is a modular, stand-alone building, but it may join others such as the LEGO City sets.

The LEGO Old Fishing Store is around 32cm tall, 25cm wide and 25cm deep. This set is the biggest LEGO Ideas set yet.

What’s in the box?

LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store Box - Front LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store Box - Back

  • 2,045 pieces
  • 4 minifigures: a captain, fisherman, fisherwoman and a child
  • 4 animals: 1 cat and 3 seagull figures
  • Fishing shop with a connected lookout tower with office
  • Various decoration such as fish, transparent tiles, pipes with a tap, a box of TNT with sticks, “Gone Fishin'” and “Open” signs, anchor, cash register and much more
  • A sand-coloured baseplate with rock-style elements
  • Booklet about the fan and LEGO designers of this set.
  • Instructions

This new set introduces pieces such as the printed “Anton’s Bait Shop” as well as some recolours to fit the sandy beach theme. The pieces are all compatible with other LEGO sets, which means you can mix and match them with other sets for a more exclusive look, either in this or in other sets.

LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store Ideas full minifigure and accessories collection
All the minifigures and accessories included in this set.

How much does it cost?

As the LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store set is a new set, it’s readily available and therefore prices will be around retail.

LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store Speedbuild Video

LEGO Old Fishing Store Pictures

LEGO Old Fishing Store Removable Ceiling And Lookout Tower LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store Interior

LEGO Old Fishing Store Detail
The Captain Minifigure
LEGO Old Fishing Store Detail
Fisherwoman and Fisherman Minifigures
Boy and Cat LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store
Boy minifigure with cat
Lookout Tower LEGO Old Fishing Store Set
Lookout Tower detail with telescope and seagull

LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store Review

This set is a fairly simple build. It doesn’t take a long time to build it, and the instructions are pretty straightforward. Once built, it’s a solid construction set on its base.

The amount of detail is stunning for this set. There are interesting things in every nook and cranny of the LEGO Old Fishing Store. It’s fairly realistic looking as well, something you can imagine on some old, fishing village somewhere. Even the rugged roof looks realistic, and the moss-green walls give it an old-timey feel.

Pros & Cons

The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow for children (the recommendation is 12+). In fact, children might have an easier time — this set, while wonderful in its details, is fairly small and some inside work might get complicated for an adult’s hands. The details are an important aspect of the build, but for adults, it can be slightly frustrating if your fingers don’t fit the relatively small interior. This may be avoided by adding in the details as you work, rather than strictly following LEGO’s instructions.

While it’s very playable, the interior is fairly small and thus, moving the minifigures inside isn’t always possible. Some doorways, for example, won’t fit a minifigure — they’ll have to “jump” inside when playing. All in all, it shouldn’t take a lot away from the playable experience. As the back wall opens, this helps with the playable aspect of the LEGO Old Fishing Store set.

The minifigures look great, and the new accessories (such as the snorkel, the weathervane and others) are a positive. There are also several printed LEGO pieces, which is always great, as they make everything look more realistic. Some stickers may be hard to fit, but that’s usual for LEGOs. Only issue (again, fairly minor) is the seagull. Sometimes it may drop out of the building, as they aren’t very secure. But they make up for it in excellent detail.


People who love fishing and the seaside will certainly love this set. People who love LEGO buildings (such as the LEGO 10259 Winter Village Station) will also enjoy it. For a LEGO Ideas set, this one is one of the most innovative, complex and fun designs out there thus far.


So what do you think? Are you interested in the LEGO Old Fishing Store set? Do you own it? Let us know in the comments below!

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