Exclusive LEGO Ideas Flintstones Project Designer Interview

We’re very pleased to announce that the designer of the LEGO Ideas Flintstones project, Andrew Clark, gave us answers to many important questions. This Q&A will help both experienced and new project designers. You’ll definitely want to take note of his top tips as Andew’s Flintstones idea has almost reached 10,000 supporters and could become an official set soon. He also designed the LEGO ideas project: Dr Who (set number: 21304).


LEGO The Flintstones Project

We caught up with the LEGO ideas Flintstones set designer, Andrew Clark, to bring you this exclusive interview.

The Flintstones Project Images

LEGO Flintstones Dino Minifigure
Dino was added to the project as an update

The LEGO Flintstones Set on LEGO Ideas LEGO The Flintstones Additional View LEGO The Flintstones Printed Elements LEGO The Flintstones Bedrock Sign LEGO Flintstones Set Car LEGO Flintstones Set Watching TV LEGO Flintstones Set Watching TV on Sofa LEGO Flintstones Set The Rubbles LEGO Flintstones Set The Flintstones

The Flintstones Set Description

Build, display, and role-play with the Flintstones and Rubbles in Bedrock. The Flintstones car features luggage, a rotate open top for ease of minifigure placement and room for two seated and additional minifigures. The car can be dynamically positioned on its dirt path, and ‘tip’ over when the dinosaur ribs are attached. When the car and stand are placed next to the home they double as the driveway.

The Flintstones home features a rotate open front door, an interior with curtains, couch, TV, coffee table, lamp, phone, kitchen sink with faucet, and a bird powered music player! The roof segment with slight force slides out to help show and play with the interior.

The exterior features a wall, palm tree, flowers, and a dinosaur powered lawn mower! A Bedrock Sign is included with perched Dinosaur bird!

Includes 6 minifigures: Fred, Flintstone, Wilma Flintstone, Pebbles Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Betty Rubble, and Bamm Bamm Rubble. Dino might be added as an update.

Total part count including minifigures is 770.

LEGO Flintstones Project Designer Q&A

What inspired you to create the LEGO Flintstones Project?

I enjoyed watching The Flintstones as a kid, and even now as an adult I enjoy it. After my success with the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set I wanted to create another design. I thought, what do I both enjoy and would translate well into a LEGO set? LEGO Flintstones seemed a great fit, blocky fun and colorful, just like LEGO!

How long were you planning this idea? Any tips?

My top tip is reference – get as much as you can, watch the show, (as I do). This phase took me a week. Then there is also brainstorming, such as what features do I want? I then start to build. Also, while the palm tree elements existed in Ldd, after I checked Bricklink I saw they were last used in a set over a decade ago. Learn from this as it’s often a good idea to be realistic and use elements that are more likely to still be in production.

How difficult / time consuming was it to build, picture and submit? How many revisions?

I spent two months designing in ldd and building in real LEGO. The challenge was not so much how to build that shape, but capturing the essence, details, and fun of the show. This included having Bamm-Bamm holding on to the car with his club swinging and the car tilting due to the weight of the Dinosaur ribs. Animals feature in the show and are their prehistoric technology, such as the mower where the animal eats the grass, or the bird plays the music disk with its beak.

After ldd I made changes based on building in real bricks. I then spent another month designing graphics for the minifigs, taking photos, applying the graphics on top of the photos, and finally presenting to the LEGO ideas site. The only difficult thing was waiting for some Bricklink orders, and designing Dino. Dino had the most revisions and uses a Wizards hat for the tail, and Benny’s helmet for the nose / mouth, and other interesting elements.

How costly was it to build the LEGO Flintstones idea?

I spent around $300 on Bricklink. I always order more than I need, and order parts for other designs to save on shipping.

Are you planning to show the Flintstones set off anywhere else?

Yes other LEGO events within a 100 mile range. I live very close to Maryland State Fair which hosts LEGO events. I will be at the Maryland one for sure!

What advice would you give to other fans looking to promote and gather support for their projects?

Be persistant. Contact all relevant sites, blogs, fan sites. Also share images on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc!

In terms of the build and LEGO ideas submission, what are your biggest tips / guidelines to follow?

If the design is based on something already existing, get loads of reference. Ask yourself questions;

  • What features would make this look better and be more fun?
  • Is it faithful to the source material?
  • Is the physical building experience enjoyable? Is it stable?
  • Do the renders, or photos capture your idea and design well, and do they have a good amount of contrast, detail, and are they in focus?
  • Have I contacted relevant fan sites of both LEGO and the subject matter?
  • If it’s an original design, who is my target audience, where can I promote this?

How long have you been building LEGO sets for? Any other sets planned?

I built as a kid, stopped when I went to college, and then got back into it around 2012. I have no other designs planned right now as i’m too busy. I do have another design on LEGO Ideas that I need to promote. Thunderbirds Are Go!

Support The Thunderbirds Are Go Project Today

LEGO Thunderbirds Are Go Project

What’s your favourite LEGO Ideas set?

Excluding my own LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set, it might be the upcoming Voltron, but as I have not seen that I’d say probably the Saturn 5.

What’s your favourite minifigure series to date?

That’s a hard one, so many great characters. It may be the Disney minifigure series. I love Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story Alien, and the Cheshire Cat.

Ninja Brick note: Read our LEGO Minifigures Series 18 review. These are due for release in sealed ‘mystery’ bags this April.

Exclusive LEGO The Flintstones Set Designer Interview
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Exclusive LEGO The Flintstones Set Designer Interview
Exclusive LEGO Ideas Flintstones project designer interview. Andrew Clark talks about the LEGO Ideas design process, cost, time and more top tips. This Bedrock set now includes the Dino minifigure!
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