LEGO Incredibles 2 Sets Combo Review

Hey guys! It’s me, VaderFan2187, and today I will be reviewing all three LEGO Incredibles 2 sets! The three sets all fall under the LEGO Juniors theme, and retail from a price range of $19.99 USD to $29.99 USD.

LEGO Incredibles 2 Sets

Incredibles 2 releases on June 15 and is the highly-anticipated sequel to the first Incredibles film (2004). I’m very excited for the movie, so let’s check out the sets!

10759 Elastigirl Rooftop Pursuit

LEGO 10759 Elastigirl Rooftop Pursuit - Incredibles 2 Set

The smallest of the LEGO Incredibles 2 sets in the lineup is 10759 Elastigirl Rooftop Pursuit. It retails for £19.99 in the UK, $19.99 in the United States, $39.99 in Australia, and $49.99 in New Zealand. It comes with two minifigures: Elastigirl and Screenslaver.

Elastigirl is not an exclusive character, but this particular variation is exclusive. She uses the long arms that originally appeared on LEGO Kamala Khan in 76076 Captain America Jet Pursuit. She has a different face from her other minifigure variant, but it is double-sided.
Screenslaver (get it?) is the main villain of Incredibles 2. Unlike Elastigirl, he is exclusive to this set. He has a new molded helmet which looks pretty good and wears a light blue shirt. Underneath his helmet, you can see his face, which is probably a spoiler for Incredibles 2 as it reveals his true identity. You can see his head here. Screenslaver comes with a walkie-talkie and a computer.

LEGO Kamala Khan
LEGO Kamala Khan

Grey Motorbike for Elastigirl

As for the builds in the set, there are a few builds. The smallest one is a grey motorbike for Elastigirl. We have seen her drive a motorcycle in the trailers so far but this motorcycle looks a bit plain without any decoration, and it’s a bit awkward for her to drive it with such long arms.

Screenslaver’s Helicopter

The second build is Screenslaver’s helicopter. It is dark blue in color and not very complex, since it is a Juniors set after all. It has a seat inside underneath the translucent blue cockpit glass. There is a spinning rotor on top with a printed 4×4 radar dish. The printed radar dish has an interesting design which could be seen as Screenslaver’s hypnosis technology. The rotors are a bit short if you ask me, though.

The Rooftop

The final (and largest) build is the rooftop. It has a printed 6×6 tile on a sign which shows Elastigirl’s approval rating (frankly, only 18% is pretty terrible). There’s a helipad as well as a dark blue engine, along with some other details. On the left side is a satellite dish which is shooting out a translucent light blue lightning bolt – could this be broadcasting Screenslaver’s hypnotizing program that we’ve seen in the trailers?

All in all, this set is ok – many will pick this up solely for Screenslaver – but Elastigirl is mediocre in my opinion and the builds are boring.

10760 Underminer Bank Heist

LEGO 10760 Underminer Bank Heist - Incredibles 2 Set

The medium-sized LEGO Incredibles 2 set is 10760 Underminer Bank Heist. This set retails for £24.99 in the UK, $24.99 in the United States, $39.99 in Australia, and $49.99 in New Zealand. It comes with three minifigures: Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, and the Underminer.

Mr Incredible

Mr. Incredible is, unlike what some might assume, a new minifigure. He is different from the variant which appeared in the Disney CMF series, with new prints for his head, torso, and legs. His hairpiece, however, is the same. One thing I think is a little disappointing is that he is regular-minifigure sized, unlike the swole version in the LEGO videogame which I think looks better.

LEGO Incredibles Video Game


Elastigirl is here too, and has a couple differences from her previous appearance. Her torso has normal arms, and her double-sided head has slightly different prints. However, her hair and legs are the same.


Last up is the Underminer. He appeared at the end of the Incredibles movie and in an Incredibles videogame. He has a miner’s helmet and a printed nose, along with a brown cape and a pair of silver gauntlets. You can see his face print here.

Underminer’s Drill Vehicle

There are a few builds in the set. The first one is Underminer’s drill vehicle. It’s built on the standard Juniors car chassis, and has a drill on the front and back. Unfortunately, I was expecting the drill to spin when the vehicle was driven, but since this is a Juniors set a gear mechanism might’ve been too complex, so you have to spin the drills yourself. Underminer can be seated inside to drive.

Elastigirl’s Car

The second build is Elastigirl’s car. I don’t know if she actually has a car in the movie or not. It is built around a Juniors car chassis and is black with medium blue accents. Elastigirl can be placed inside to drive it.

Bank Safe

The third build is a bank safe. There’s a printed panel which shows a round bunker door under a white printed clock. Underminer’s drill vehicle can smash down the panel. Inside the bank you will find a mailbox piece with money tiles inside, along with a gold piece and a bag.

Last up there’s a portion of pavement. It has a garbage bin and a fire hydrant on it, along with a grey brick wall. There’s also a red cart you can push and a lamppost.

On the whole this set is okay, however if you have the CMF Mr Incredible and don’t care for Underminer, you can just get the first set for Elastigirl (and Screenslaver while you’re at it).

10761 The Great Home Escape

LEGO 10761 The Great Home Escape - Incredibles 2 Set

Finally, the biggest of the LEGO Incredibles 2 sets in the wave is 10761 The Great Home Escape. This set retails for £29.99 in the United Kingdom, $29.99 in the United States, $49.99 in Australia, and $59.99 in New Zealand. It comes with three minifigures (and one baby): Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, and Brick.


First up is Brick, the antagonist of the set. If you look at the movie version of her you can tell that the LEGO version is very inaccurate, however, I think it’s still a nice minifigure. Interestingly, she is apparently a Super too so maybe she is attacking the Parr family out of jealousy, or she is attacking them under mind control by Screenslaver. She comes with a few masonry brick pieces.

Brick Movie Version
Brick Movie Version


The second minifigure is Violet. She wears the Incredibles outfit which looks nice with its dual-molded arms and legs. She has a new hairpiece with a molded orange hairband as well as a double-sided head print. She comes with a printed translucent purple 4×4 radar dish attached to a silver shield piece to represent her force field.


The third minifigure is Dash. He, too, wears the red and black Incredibles outfit with dual-molded arms, however, he has short legs. That said, his short legs are also dual-molded, which is not a very common occurrence for short LEGO legs. Dash has a double-sided head and a tan hairpiece which has been used on several minifigures before like Palpatine and Pre Vizsla. He has an orange skateboard.

Pre Vizsla
Pre Vizsla


Last up is the Parr family baby, Jack-Jack. He has the regular baby mold but recolored in red with tan hands. His head is printed with a black domino mask which is very cute, but I kind of wish LEGO gave him a new head mold so that Jack-Jack could have had the iconic strands of hair on top of his head. This LEGO Jack-Jack, however, is unfortunately bald. Jack-Jack comes with a translucent orange boulder piece which he can be placed inside of to represent his force field.

New Home for the Parr Family

On to the builds. The main build is the new home for the Parr family. It’s built on a 8×8 baseplate and a 8×16 baseplate. On the left side there is a waterfall. You can hinge the waterfall panel up and behind it there’s a slide – you can let the kids slide down. The rest of the build shows the inside of the home – there’s an orange couch which faces a fireplace. The fireplace can be slid back and forth to reveal a secret Incredibles panel behind. There’s a new wall panel piece with glass panels and a glass door, along with an Incredibles telephone on his drawer.

Supplementary Builds

Two supplementary builds are included for the house as well. One is a swimming pool, which has a few translucent light blue 1×1 cylinder bricks. There’s an orange umbrella and a silver water gun too. The other build is a portion of the backyard. There’s a seat which is attached on a Technic pin so can be used as a catapult for Jack-Jack. There’s also a printed 1×1 brick as a juice box.

Brick’s Car

The final build in the set is a car for Brick. I’m a little bit of puzzled by how it relates to her exactly, since it is dark blue and grey which does not match her color scheme at all. Anyways, there’s a seat inside along with a catapult at the back which can launch the brick pieces at the Parr children.

Overall, I think that – if you’re not going to Bricklink the figures – this set is a must buy, as it includes three exclusive Parr family members that do not appear in any other LEGO sets at the time of writing. The builds are, as always, disappointing but these Incredibles sets are, to many fans, all about the minifigures.

LEGO Incredibles 2 Sets 10759, 10760 and 10761

That’s it for the LEGO Incredibles 2 sets combo review! Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

LEGO Incredibles 2 Sets Combo Review
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