LEGO Jurassic World 2018 Sets: Fallen Kingdom Guide

This year brings new LEGO Jurassic World 2018 sets! After a long hiatus since 2015, LEGO brings the iconic dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park franchise back, and more interesting and varied than ever in the LEGO Fallen Kingdom subtheme. Let’s take a look!

LEGO Jurassic World 2018 Sets: Fallen Kingdom Guide

LEGO Jurassic World is a 2015 theme that brought for the first time the Jurassic Park franchise to LEGO form. The theme ran for a full year with only eight sets. It’s the third theme to feature dinosaurs as a subject in the LEGO world, after LEGO Dino and LEGO Dino Attack. Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a Jurassic Park theme before 2015, with Jurassic World’s debut being the first in this direction.

Fortunately, we’ll have more LEGO dedicated to this universe this year! The LEGO Jurassic World 2018 sets should revolve around a new subtheme — Fallen Kingdom. This is inspired by the film sequel of the same name, which should come to the screens this June.

What should we expect?

This isn’t the first time that LEGO works with a big movie franchise. One example is the Indiana Jones theme and of course, iconic series such as Star Wars. Based on the movies of the same name, both themes recreate places and scenes in the movies, as well as characters, animals and species appropriate to their subject matter.

It’s not clear whether this subtheme of LEGO Jurassic World will follow the pattern of the previous 2015 series and have sets focused on individual dinosaur species. It does seem the LEGO Jurassic World 2018 sets will follow the same pattern of other licensed sets and show scenes and locations in the movie, although that isn’t very clear just yet. Thus far, we know of three sets only, each to a distinct age group, including a DUPLO set.

This is an innovation, compared to the 2015 run, which had sets focused on a 6 to 12-year-old audience. This time we will have more variety, as this partnership between Universal Studies and LEGO is heralded as the biggest yet. Two of the sets (Juniors and Duplo) seem to have a T-Rex focus, but that may just be due to the very young audiences and the popularity of T-Rex dinosaurs as a whole.

As of now, we know very little about the new Jurassic World film other than a brief synopsis and an official trailer.

(And that Jeff Goldblum will be back!)

But we have some background on what we can expect to see this year, and even (possibly?) some spoilers in the sets we know about!

So here’s your potential spoiler warning as we’ll talk about what we know of the movie and where it could go.

What is the Fallen Kingdom movie about?

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom brings us back to Isla Nublar. After the collapse of the Jurassic World theme park, the dinosaurs roam freely on the island. But an extinction-level event is about to happen on this island: a volcanic eruption. This will put all animals at risk of extinction (again). The film follows protagonists Claire and Owen as they attempt to locate and rescue the remaining dinosaurs on the island before they meet their end.

What is planned for LEGO Fallen Kingdom?

In total, we can expect thirteen sets in the LEGO Fallen Kingdom subtheme. These will span all age groups, including DUPLO sets for the 2 to 4-year-old age range. There will be Brickheadz sets collectables (possibly a Walmart exclusive to North America) and along the way as well.

And there will be animated features as well. Here’s an example of what we can expect:

The sets should come out in April. Beyond this, there will likely be other LEGO Fallen Kingdom merchandising items, which we don’t know much about yet. We also don’t know if the LEGO Jurassic World 2018 sets will bring any new items relating to the first 2015 film either, although thus far it seems the focus will really be just Fallen Kingdom related things and sets.

LEGO 75928 Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit

LEGO Fallen Kingdom Blue's Helicopter Pursuit LEGO Fallen Kingdom Blue's Helicopter Pursuit Full Set

This set features Blue, one of Owen’s trained velociraptors. It includes a helicopter (equipped with a gun, which is a stud shooter), an ACU Trooper (also armed) and what seems to be a cage loaded with bait to attract the dinosaurs, as well as a ground vehicle. It includes Blue the velociraptor as well. This set comes with three minifigures (Owen, the ACU Trooper and Ken Wheatley, a new character).

In a surprising turn of events, this set also comes with an egg-shaped piece. We do not yet know whether this means Blue laid eggs, or whether it is some other creature’s offspring. Nonetheless, it’s an intriguing development we’ll have to wait to figure out. This set has 397 pieces.

LEGO 75929 Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape

LEGO Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape Fallen Kingdom Sets

This set introduces the Gyrosphere to this subtheme, which looks like it can sit a minifigure inside. There’s also the titular Carnotaurus, a truck, what looks like some sort of sentry robotic vehicle and what seems to be a radar or other such equipment. It also includes a bit of environment from where the Gyrosphere launches and three minifigures, some tools, some syringes, and a very small dinosaur. We aren’t sure whether it’s some smaller species or a baby.

LEGO 75930 Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate

LEGO Jurassic World 2018 Indoraptor Rampage At Lockwood Estate

This set might be the biggest one in the LEGO Fallen Kingdom subtheme. Around 1019 pieces, this set includes a raptor, the Indoraptor of the official name, six minifigures (including Owen) and a building, the titular Lockwood Estate. It also includes a motorcycle, weaponry, an egg and what seems to be a Triceratops fossil head.

LEGO 75927 Stygimoloch Breakout

Stygimoloch Breakout Full Set LEGO Fallen Kingdom 2018 Sets

In this one, we have an enclosure sort of build, two eggs, two minifigures and the titular dinosaur. The enclosure has a second floor from where, presumably, someone can watch the dinosaur inside or access it from a safe distance. This set has around 222 pieces.

LEGO 75926 Pteranodon Escape

Pteranodon Escape LEGO Fallen Kingdom 2018 Sets

The first in this subtheme to include a winged animal, this one has a Pteranodon, a jeep, two minifigures (including Owen) and an egg. It also comes with a net, which can be shot from the jeep.

LEGO 10756 Pteranodon Escape

LEGO Juniors Pteranodon Escape

Yes, another Pteranodon Escape — this time in the Juniors theme. In this one, we get a helicopter with a chain, a Pteranodon like the Systems LEGO version, what looks like some mountain face with lava flow and what seems to be two large lava rocks. There’s also something that looks like an information map of sorts, and two minifigures.

LEGO 10757 Raptor Rescue Truck

LEGO Juniors Raptor Rescue Set

This set includes Owen with a stick equipped with a turkey leg, a raptor, a transport truck and a guard. This looks to be a fairly small, but sweet, LEGO Juniors set.

LEGO 10758 T-Rex Breakout

LEGO Juniors T-Rex Breakout (LEGO Jurassic World)

LEGO 10758 T-Rex Breakout Box Back Cover LEGO Juniors T-Rex Breakout Full Set (LEGO Jurassic World)

This is one of the Juniors sets, a new feature in the LEGO Jurassic World theme and a first in the LEGO Fallen Kingdom franchise. Appropriate for the 4-7, this set introduces the theme to a younger audience.

This set has 150 pieces and includes a T-Rex as well as an opening gate. The T-Rex is posable as well, making it even more playable. As with Juniors sets, this includes simpler pieces and build, making it less realistic, but very charming for younger children. There is also a truck with a Quick Start chassis and minifigures — which are unusual in Juniors sets. It also has a baby dinosaur minifigure, an egg, a hot dog and accessories, making it a full playset to encourage children’s imaginations and motor skills.

LEGO 10879 Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

LEGO DUPLO Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

This set is simply adorable. It includes an enclosure with a palm tree, a DUPLO figure, an Apatosaurus and a Triceratops. As with all DUPLO sets, it’s bright, colourful and very child-like, but even adults will concede this set looks very cute.

LEGO 10880 T-Rex Tower

LEGO DUPLO T-Rex Tower Box (LEGO Fallen Kingdom Set) LEGO DUPLO T-Rex Tower Full LEGO Jurassic World Set

In the same vein as the previous set (10758), there is a DUPLO set as well, aimed at children 2-4. This one also includes the T-Rex and a DUPLO figure, as well as a car, a tower, walkie-talkies and a ladder, a full set of endless role-playing and creative story-making possibilities for toddlers and parents alike! As with other DUPLO sets, this focuses on a friendly appearance and bright colours. This set has 22 pieces.

So this is what we know of the current LEGO Jurassic World 2018 sets! There’s not much out yet, but stay tuned as this article will be updated as we find more about it.

LEGO Jurassic World 2018 Sets: Fallen Kingdom Sub-theme Revealed
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