LEGO 76029 Iron Man vs Ultron Set Review

4 minifigures in a cheap set? Marvel? Iron Man? Ultron? Count me in! The LEGO 76029 Iron Man vs Ultron set was released in 2015 as part of the 6 Age of Ultron sets. It was the cheapest and smallest set in the wave, at just 90 pieces. So how well does it rate?


LEGO 76029 Iron Man vs Ultron Set Review

LEGO 76029 Iron Man vs Ultron Set Box Back Cover - Marvel Super Heroes

The Minifigures

This Iron Man vs Ultron set contains 4 minifigures, Iron Man MK45 Armour and 3 Ultron Sentries.

Iron Man MK45 Armour

LEGO Iron Man MK45 Armour Minifigure from 76029 Set
Iron Man MK45 Armour Minifigure

The Iron Man variant included in this set is the MK45. This is another nice Iron Man suit and features detailed torso and leg prints. The visor features some silver printing which is accurate and makes the suit look quite menacing, however I don’t particularly like it. Underneath we have the generic Tony Stark face print which is re-used from previous sets but still looks pretty good. Did you know that you can easily make your own realistic full size Iron Man Suit, click to find out how.

Ultron Sentries

LEGO Sub Ultron-Officer Minifigure from 76029 Set
Sub Ultron-Officer
LEGO Sub Ultron-Soldier Minifigure from 76029 Set
2x Sub Ultron-Soldiers

These figures also look great due to the amount of detail on their torso’s and legs. The detailing used is excellent and the blue highlights work well. One of these minifigures has the special Ultron “cap” which distinguishes it as an Ultron Sentry Officer and also has a brick-built backpack with a couple of antennas. Overall, these are some nice figs and are good for army building.

The Build

LEGO Iron Man vs Ultron Set Contents - Marvel Super Heroes 76029

There is only one build in this set and that is the “Ultron Vehicle”. Again, just like Iron Man vs The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown set, this set never appeared in the movie. The build is simple and starts with the center of the Ultron vehicle and then adds the two wings on the side. However, notably you attach the Ultron Sentries to the build as you go – legs in one spot, torso and head in another.


The wings can move up and down and you can knock the Ultron Sentry Officer off the ship by launching Iron Man on a super-jumper at it. You can also assemble the Ultron Sentries by detaching their limbs from the ship and putting them together. The Sentries also have stud shooters which are always a nice inclusion.


LEGO Ultron Vehicle and Minifigure 76029 Set Contents - Marvel Super Heroes

The LEGO 76029 set never appeared in the movie and I don’t remember the Sentries flying around in any type of ship at all, but I guess this is better than some street corner or generic building.


The Iron Man vs Ultron set gives me mixed feelings. It’s got good figures but the build is worse than that of the 76008 set, which isn’t held in high regard by the AFOL community. Still, it has some play value (although not many people like super-jumpers, so that limits play significantly) but all in all, this is a cheap set. In Australia I can buy 4 minifigures, or I can buy this and get 4 minifigures plus a build. The Iron Man and Ultron Sentries minifigures are at a high standard and that helps save this set, so 3.5/5 from me.


Do you agree with me or do you own this set? Let me know in the comments! Feedback is also appreciated 🙂

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