LEGO 21114 The Farm Set Review

Is there any better combination than Minecraft and LEGO? We don’t think there is. With this LEGO Farm set, you’ll be able to recreate moments from your favourite game — in the real world! Check out our LEGO 21114 The Farm review.


LEGO 21114 The Farm Set Review

LEGO Minecraft The Farm Box

There is one perfect word to describe this set: flexible. This now-retired, November 2014 release, LEGO Minecraft The Farm set brings the experience of the game into the real world. With this set, you’ll build your own farm and workstation, grow crops and even fashion a pumpkin hat for your Steve.

But it’s not only fans of Minecraft who will appreciate this set. The LEGO Farm set stands on its own, and even if you’re not familiar with the game, you’ll still have wonderful adventures with this little farm.

This set is fairly small (262 pieces) and easy to build. Thus, it’s perfect for children who love Minecraft (and those who love LEGOs, of course!). The age recommendation is 8+. This LEGO Minecraft The Farm set is 11cm high, 27cm wide and 17cm deep.

What’s in the box?

  • 262 pieces
  • A Steve minifigure with a shovel accessory
  • A Skeleton minifigure with a bow accessory
  • A crafting table
  • A pumpkin that turns into a helmet
  • 2 torches
  • Fences
  • A cow and a sheep
  • Waterfall
  • Crops: sugarcane, wheat (pre-mature and mature) and carrots
  • Tree and a chest
  • Instructions

All characters and items created to resemble their Minecraft equivalents. This set meshes well with other Minecraft-themed sets, in special the LEGO 21115 The First Night set.

How much does it cost?

This Minecraft LEGO set is retired. Prices may fluctuate as it’s not readily available. Retired sets can appreciate in value over time.

LEGO Minecraft The Farm Speedbuild Video

LEGO 21114 The Farm Pictures

LEGO 21114 Minecraft The Farm Set

LEGO Farm Set Back View

LEGO Farm Set Review

The LEGO 21114 set joins other Minecraft biomes for a full, fun experience that brings the brick-building game to the real world.

But while this set is one of many in the same theme, the other sets aren’t necessary for this one to be a full experience. The Skeleton and Steve minifigures offer a great playability prospect, and the cute and very game-like sheep and cow, as well as the fence and the crops, offer lots of possibilities. However, the fun factor in joining other Minecraft sets can’t be ignored, such as the LEGO 21115 set. Together they create an even greater experience and playtime. This set joins others in the LEGO Minecraft collection seamlessly.

The main strength of this set is how versatile it is. You can build and rebuild the farm in different ways (as you would in the game). The waterfall adds a lot of possibilities. You can turn it into a river, for example, or a water slide — or maybe something else altogether! Minecraft and LEGO are, after all, all about creative freedom. This set makes that possible.

Pros & Cons

The LEGO 21114 Farm set doesn’t have many cons. While it’s small and relatively simple, this only makes it a great choice for its target audience: children. The age indication is for 8+ children, but those even younger will have fun with this.
Because it isn’t a very “set in stone” build, it offers a lot of creative chances. As mentioned before, the waterfall can be fashioned in different ways. The farm as a whole is very flexible and you can build it in different ways.
One especially interesting thing is the growing crop (wheat). This does help with the play factor, as it’s one of those details that just add to the whole experience. Simulating the passage of time (wheat “growing”) really does stimulate a young mind’s imagination. The fact it comes with a Steve minifigure also helps, as this makes it independent of further purchases or other LEGO sets.
Kids will certainly enjoy how accurate the minifigures and items in this set are, compared to the game. Special attention to the cow and sheep, who are very close to their digital counterparts, and of course the Skeleton with a bow. It could’ve benefited from a Creeper, but that isn’t really necessary for this set.
One possible “con” might be: what if I don’t play Minecraft, or don’t care for it? In this case, the LEGO Farm set might be interesting anyway. While it’s obviously intended for a Minecraft brand collection, this set also fits well with other LEGO City sets. It can add a lot of livelihood and charm to any LEGO collection — even unrelated ones.



This set is meant for kids, but it’s still cute and enjoyable, with or without other Minecraft items to add to it. Whether it’s to join a LEGO Cityscape, a standalone play piece or a gift to a Minecraft-obsessed child, it’s sure to draw a lot of fun and hours of entertainment to any home.

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