Captain Mutant’s Favourite LEGO Moments in Space Designs – Part 1

Anyone who knows me and has seen my profile online knows I’m a big sci-fi nerd. Heck, I wouldn’t have taken on the appearance of a green mutant alien if I weren’t! It’s lead me to delve into LEGO MOCs and even submit my first major creation to LEGO Ideas in the hopes of finding others who feel the same way.

Captain Mutant’s Favourite LEGO Moments in Space Designs – Part 1

Recently, LEGO announced a competition which got me really excited: LEGO Moments in Space would look for the next “gift with purchase” design. There were specific rules in place, like the design would have to fit on a 16×16 plate, have around 300 pieces, and not involve any real NASA designs or anything from Star Wars.

This had the potential of being what many fans of LEGO’s own in-house space themes had dreamed about for so long: a return to space exploration for our little yellow skinned ABS friends. After all, the odds aren’t good that LEGO will revive that theme; as LEGO designer Mark Stafford said on Eurobricks back in February when asked if LEGO would relaunch a true castle theme: “You could be waiting as long as the space theme fans!”

Needless to say, expectations were therefore really high, and the number of entries didn’t disappoint: over 1,000 designs were submitted. I too submitted one, but I was under no illusion it wouldn’t be selected, as the design was specific for one of my future needs and didn’t really look nice enough from the outside to make the cut. I am still humbled and grateful for the 61 people who voted for it though – thank you very much.

The results were announced on the 2nd of March and the winner was… well… disappointing to me and many others. You can never please everyone of course, and others were clearly over the moon about LEGO’s choice, and to be fair, the design is indeed interesting and received an impressive 479 votes, except it’s less Moments in Space, and more Moments in a Mall.

There were so many amazing designs, and if you looked through all the entries, you’re bound to have a favourite of your own. I have two which I will look at in detail in this two-part article. Not only that, but Ninja Brick will also include the LDD files of those designs, which means you’ll be able to recreate them yourself and enjoy the designs of these highly innovative LEGO builders!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our first contestant:

Spaceships – Cosmic Slingshot Rocket by Dalmaster

LEGO Moments in Space Cosmic Slingshot Rocket by Dalmaster - Spaceship LEGO Moments in Space Cosmic Slingshot Rocket by Dalmaster - Spaceship LEGO Moments in Space Cosmic Slingshot Rocket by Dalmaster - Spaceship

The most obvious idea when thinking of a Moment in Space was a spaceship. The entries were in fact full of them. Out of them, the most often recurring shape was a tube-like circular ship with landing fins, like this runner up model, or this one, or this one, or that one.

But for me the one that epitomised that particular design the best, and which was actually the Honourable Mention Winner, was the Cosmic Slingshot Rocket by Dalmaster.

I love pretty much everything about it. Its shape is very reminiscent of 1950s sci-fi stories. The construction looks very sturdy. It’s never easy to replicate a circular shape with LEGO bricks, especially one that’s minifig scaled, but Dalmaster succeeded there admirably.

It’s big and chunky, with a nice assortment of colours, and looks like a cool toy to play with, or have on display. The big plus is that a minifig can fit inside, and it comes with a few accessories, like a laser pistol (with a laser bolt effect which I am so using in my own project now), a flag, and some flame pieces to make the rocket look more dramatic when flying. It’s a shame though that there doesn’t appear to be any available space to store the pistol or the flag inside the rocket. You can imagine the flag being rolled up, but not being able to stash the pistol seems like a sad omission.

This little ship would look great in any setting and despite getting 244 votes, it’s a shame it didn’t go further in the competition than it did. Dalmaster never actually built that design using LEGO bricks: it was all done in LEGO Digital Designer, a free computer app.

From experience, virtual building can lead to some omissions which can make the actual physical product not work as expected. But looking through all the various facets of the design in LDD, this rocket looks like it can handle itself. It would be great if someone is able to build it, and get back to us to let us know how it fares when made up of actual LEGO pieces.

In part 2 of my favourite LEGO Moments in Space designs, we’ll take a look at my other favourite entry, and check how you can get your hands on the LDD files so you can build these models yourself!

See you next time.

Captain Out.

Captain Mutant's Favourite LEGO Moments in Space Designs - Part 1
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Captain Mutant's Favourite LEGO Moments in Space Designs - Part 1
Recently, LEGO announced a competition which got Captain Mutant really excited: LEGO Moments in Space. This competition would look for the next “gift with purchase” design. Find Captain Mutant's favourite designs in this two part series. Part 2 will give the LDD files for both designs!
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