LEGO 60171 Mountain Fugitives Police Set Now Available

The LEGO City 2018 sets are now available! For part of this release, LEGO have introduced a new Mountain Police subtheme that’s evidently been influenced by the success of the Forest Police subtheme from 2012. Today we will be introducing the 88-piece LEGO 60171 Mountain Fugitives set, released on January 1st, 2018.


LEGO Mountain Fugitives Set Pieces 60171


LEGO 60171 Mountain Fugitives Set

LEGO Mountain Fugitives Set Police 60171
Mountain Fugitives and Police Officer Minifigures
LEGO Mountain Fugitive with Beehive and Bees
Mountain Fugitive with Beehive and Bees
LEGO 60171 Fugitive with Beehive on Head
Mountain Fugitive with Beehive on Head
LEGO 60171 Fugitive detained by Police Officer
Mountain Fugitive on a raft detained by a Police Officer driving a quad bike
LEGO Mountain Fugitives handcuffed by Police Officers 60171
Mountain Fugitives handcuffed by Police Officers with 2 gold bars recovered

Release date: January 1st, 2018
Number of pieces: 88
Parts: 4 minifigures (including 2 police officers with a pair of handcuffs and a baton, 2 fugitives with 2 shovels and a backpack), a log raft, police quad bike, a tree with a beehive and storage for 2 gold bars (which can be covered by a levered branch / bush). It’s currently unclear whether the chain connecting the raft and quad bike comes with the set.
Subtheme: Mountain Police
Theme: LEGO City
Ages: 5-12

This LEGO 60171 set is much larger than the 37-piece LEGO off-road chase set and would be another great addition to the Mountain Police Headquarters (once the fugitives have been detained of course). The raft is a cool feature which may give the fugitives the upperhand when trying to escape. However, the beehive booby trap will deter the fugitives. The beehive is a fantastic addition to this set and would work as part of many LEGO scenes.

With 2 police officers in this set along with potentially hidden gold bars, it’s a enjoyable set that will create a lot of fun. This set will encourage creative thinking and will also help add to the display aspect of other sets.

Pros and Cons

The minifigures have new designs that have not been seen before. The male bandits face has an alternative side with bee stings on it.
Excellent value set if you are collecting minifigures (this set comes with four)
The beehive is a new lego piece and fits perfectly in many LEGO scenes
Plenty of room for creativity
The small vehicle is very typical in LEGO
The log raft does not float

Are you looking forward to the LEGO Mountain Fugitives set? Which other Mountain Police sets will be you be partnering this with? Let us know in the comments below!

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LEGO 60171 Mountain Fugitives Set
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