LEGO 10222 Winter Village Post Office Review

There isn’t such a thing as Christmas without letters to Santa. That’s why your minifigures need their own LEGO Post Office! And the Winter Village has one, in the LEGO 10222 set. Let’s check it out.


LEGO 10222 Winter Village Post Office

No town is complete without a Post Office. Released in Oct. 1st, 2011, the LEGO 10222 Winter Village Post Office adds this aspect to the LEGO Winter Village seasonal series. With it comes a nice little gazebo and a post truck — as no town is complete without a nice gazebo, either.

This set, modelled after older buildings yet still quite modern, brings small-town charm to any LEGO collection. Like others such as the LEGO Winter Village Market, this set works better with a context and other buildings, but it’s still playable and sweet on its own. The gazebo, trees and bench improve the charm of the building.

The LEGO Winter Village Post Office building is 19cm wide, 8cm deep and 15cm high. The whole set is 40cm wide and 30cm deep. This set is ideal for children 12 and up, but younger children will also enjoy playing with the set.

Whether they are sending letters to Santa or just regular mail, the LEGO Winter Village Post Office comes with enough minifigures to encourage their creative thinking when playing. As this is a Creator Set (usually meant for older children and teens), they will surely also learn about structures and basic engineering, as well as planning!

What’s in the box?

LEGO 10222 Winter Village Post Office Box

  • 822 pieces
  • 7 minifigures: female post office worker, male postman, a woman, 2 children, 2 musicians and a dog
  • A LEGO Post Office with a fireplace, light brick, table and coffee mug
  • A lamppost
  • A bench
  • A gazebo
  • Minifigure accessories like musical instruments, post, a shovel, and more
  • Instructions

How much does it cost?

The LEGO Post Office set is retired, which means it is no longer available from LEGO. This makes the price increase, as there are fewer units available.

LEGO 10222 Winter Village Post Office Speed Build Video

LEGO Winter Village Post Office Pictures

LEGO 10222 Winter Gazebo with Minifigures LEGO Winter Village Post Office Building LEGO Winter Village Post Office Mail Boxes

LEGO Winter Village Post Office Interior View
This set comes with a Post Office worker minifigure and a woman minifigure as the customer.
LEGO Winter Village Post Office Detail
The mailman minifigure. The mailboxes open.

LEGO Post Office Truck

LEGO Winter Village Post Office Review

The LEGO 10222 Winter Village Post Office is a sweet building. The whole set isn’t very large, but it builds quite a lot of details. You might feel like there’s more than one set included, in fact, as all three main pieces (post office, post truck and gazebo) are fairly good individually and don’t really depend on each other.

Still, as a whole, this set provides an interesting experience. Unlike previous LEGO Winter Village sets, this building doesn’t come with a solid white roof. While some might find this bad, as the sets don’t match, it’s actually fairly realistic, as snow won’t exactly settle on all buildings the same way. Besides, it’s a nice playable feature if you want to use this LEGO Post Office in summer! Just remove the extra snow and it doesn’t detract at all from the set as a whole.

This set also comes with a lightbrick — which adds an amazing touch to light up the building at night, perfect for wintery evenings!

Pros & Cons

The gazebo is very detailed for a building that small. The two musician minifigures add a nice small-town touch to it. One of the musicians carries a banjo and another a saxophone — the latter an actual LEGO brick build.
The truck is a marvel. It’s built after older Ford models, with plenty of space on the back to fit letters. The truck brings a vintage look to the whole set and is fairly large.
For the LEGO Post Office building itself, we also have a very vintage look. The floor is all tan and dark blue checkered tiles, as in the olden days, and the chimney and fireplace are very nicely done, with clear red studs playing fire. The bay windows look charming and include a 180-degree bay window, against which we have space for placing the mail and packages, and they show through.
The tallest side of the building includes a small break room, with a table and a mug. It’s fairly small, but the roof does open above it so you can fit a minifigure there. Outside, the clock adds to the vintage, Norman Rockwell look of the building.
It is slightly complex to build; to improve stability, make sure to fit the pillars of the gazebo in the right spot of the ceiling. If they aren’t put together properly, the whole thing will fall apart. It’s best to pay attention to what pieces fit where.
One of the children accompanies the dog and is the only piece slightly out of sync with the rest of the set, as it’s not even wearing winter clothes. Still, it can complement other sets you may have and doesn’t take much out of the set as a whole.


This set has a vintage look to it that matches the rest of the LEGO Winter Village buildings. This LEGO Post Office works best with other sets such as the LEGO Winter Village Market and LEGO Winter Toy Shop, but also works with other city buildings as well. As a whole, this set is fairly playable and offers a lot of stunning details.

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