LEGO 10235 Winter Village Market Review

A winter market arrived at the LEGO Winter Village. Enjoy the food and games in this wonderful, scenic festival, and of course, don’t forget to ride the carousel! Let’s take a look at the LEGO 10235 set.


LEGO 10235 Winter Village Market

LEGO 10235 Winter Village Market Box

The LEGO Winter Village Market is another addition to the seasonal collection. Released in September 2013, this set brings a market to town! The LEGO 10235 set takes inspiration from festivals such as the Christkindlmarket in Chicago, as well as several other seasonal markets and festivals throughout Europe. As such, it’s a great addition to your LEGO Christmas village! In spite of the name, this is not a regular market.

This set comes with different stands and a functional carousel. It also has a whopping 9 minifigures, all ready to take part in some holiday cheer. By itself, it might feel a little lonely, so why not complement it with sets such as the LEGO Winter Toy Shop and the LEGO Santa’s Workshop?

This set doesn’t have one big building, but several small ones. It is a Creator Set, recommended for ages 12 and up, but younger children may also enjoy the playability of this set. The carousel and admission booth is 19cm high, 25cm wide and 16cm deep. The other booths are 9cm high, 8cm wide and 4cm deep.

As with other seasonal, Christmas-themed sets, these are good to experience as a family — building together promotes cooperation, teamwork and social skills in children, even younger ones. Sets like this, which have moving parts and functional mechanisms, also help children to learn about basic engineering concepts such as levers and gears while they play. Fun and educational!

What’s in the box?

  • 1261 pieces
  • 9 minifigures (3 females, 2 males, 4 children)
  • A functional carousel and admission booth with a moving bucket challenge
  • A baker’s stand, grill stand and candy stand
  • 2 streetlamps
  • 3 trees
  • 1 bench and 3 tables
  • Accessories such as cups, teddy bear, a cat, scarf and purse
  • Lots of food elements, including pretzels, croissants and sweets

How much does it cost?

This LEGO winter market product is currently retired. Because of this, as time passes, the price of this set will likely vary and increase.

LEGO 10235 Winter Village Market Designer Video

LEGO Winter Village Market Pictures

LEGO Winter Village Market Baked Goods Stall Bench and lamppost with minifigure and cat LEGO Christmas Village Market Carousel and Admission Booth LEGO 10235 Winter Village Market Set LEGO Winter Village Market Grill Booth

LEGO Winter Village Market Review

The LEGO Winter Village Market is more of a LEGO Christmas Village Market. These sorts of markets and festivals are common in Europe, and while some might not see it as very Christmassy (it doesn’t have Christmas lights or trees for example), it’s realistic in relation to what happens in the real world.

The set doesn’t have a large build such as the LEGO Winter Toy Shop but is instead a mix of several little booths and of course, the carousel centrepiece. With 9 minifigures, it offers a lot of possibilities for combinations of parents, children, and the people on the booths.

The accessories are quite cute as well, especially the teddy bear, the cat and the purse in a nice moss green colour.

This set makes a lot more sense with other LEGO Winter Village sets, but it still looks great by itself: as a standalone, it would be a nice decoration for display or a fun, winter-themed set for the children to roleplay with, especially if they’ve been to festivals like that before.

Pros & Cons

For what it is and is meant to be, it’s quite accurate. The booths have enough space inside to fit a minifigure, sometimes even two, and each booth has its own looks and details, according to what it’s meant to sell. The grill booth, for example, comes with an actual grill with a chimney. The baked goods booth comes with a hinged display, so the items are easier to pick and also show more to your LEGO Winter Village Market’s visitors.
As mentioned before, the grand piece of this LEGO Christmas Village set is the carousel. This features two horses (both beautifully decorated and unique) and two sleighs. The horses fit minifigures in the saddle, and both of them rock back and forth as the carousel spins.
The whole thing moves based on a handle that goes through the admission booth — and that doubles as a moving bucket challenge, which your minifigures can play for prizes (the set comes with a teddy bear just for that!).
In a clever display of design, the moving buckets obscure the mechanism used to make the carousel spin. The piece itself comes with several translucent studs that work as light, and chrome stickers to add to the top, which adds colour and flair to the whole thing.
There isn’t much that could be considered a ‘con’ in this set. While this set isn’t motorized, it isn’t hard at all to adapt the carousel to a motor. As a whole, even when not motorized, the handle is very easy to turn and the whole thing moves fairly easily.
Some people may miss the light brick from other LEGO Winter Village sets, but this set doesn’t really need one.


Even though this set is clearly winter themed, the LEGO 10235 set is flexible enough that it could fit a more summertime scene as well. The carousel horses look gorgeous, the minifigures are diverse and generic enough that they allow for a lot of possibilities, and the booths come with several interesting pieces to them. Whether in winter or in other seasons, this set will surely make any city, village or town more charming.

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