LEGO 10245 Santa’s Workshop Creator Set Review

As we head on towards Christmas, what better gift than this LEGO 10245 Santa’s Workshop? This beautiful set is sure to fill any child’s mind with wonder — either as a decoration or as a toy.


LEGO 10245 Santa’s Workshop Creator Set

The LEGO Winter Village has a very special feature — Santa’s Workshop! This beautifully rendered winter set has the classical LEGO look that brings a lot of whimsy to any decoration or playtime.

This is a Creator Set. These sets are usually for more experienced builders. But unlike others, this set only has around 800 pieces. This makes the LEGO 10245 set an excellent choice for new builders who want something more challenging. It’s also a good set for children as well, appropriate for ages 8 and over, making it a good build for all the family.

The LEGO Santa’s Workshop is 16cm high, 8cm deep and 24cm wide. It joins other items in the Winter Village collection, such as the Winter Station.

This is a retired product, meaning it may be harder to find than usual. Originally released in October 2014.

What’s in the box?

LEGO Santa's Workshop Box

  • 883 pieces (including spares)
  • 6 minifigures (Santa, Mrs Claus and 4 elves)
  • Accessories such as Santa’s Bag, Mrs Claus’s cookie tray and the elves’ hats.
  • A sleigh with 4 reindeer
  • A baby reindeer
  • Santa’s Workshop with a clock tower
  • A Christmas tree
  • 4 wrapped presents in assorted sizes
  • 4 toys
  • North Pole sign
  • Santa’s Workshop sign
  • Sticker card
  • Instructions

LEGO 10245 Santa’s Workshop Designer Video

LEGO Santa’s Workshop Pictures

LEGO Santa's Workshop Exterior
The Santa Minifigure

LEGO Santa's Workshop Interior

LEGO Santa's Workshop Interior Detail

LEGO 10245 Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer LEGO 10245 Santa's Toymaker

Elf and Presents LEGO Santa's Workshop
One of the Elves Minifigures with presents
Mrs Claus LEGO Santa's Workshop
The new Mrs Claus Minifigure with Cookie Tray and Santa’s Bag

LEGO Santa's Workshop North Pole Post Christmas Tree LEGO Santa's Workshop

LEGO 10245 Santa’s Workshop Review

This set, as mentioned above, is a Creator set, and thus, meant for expert builders. However, compared to other sets, it’s fairly simple. This opens a great opportunity to build with your children, even the younger ones. Because of its size, it’s also a good toy and decoration, unlike some of the more spacious sets that LEGO offers.

This set comes with six minifigures: Santa, Mrs Claus and four Elves. But the true star of this set is, of course, Santa. For the first time in this set, Santa comes with a properly-shaped hat. His gift bag is also recoloured red, unlike previous Santa minifigures’ which were brown. This makes him a little closer to the usual portrayal of Santa.

The elves come with different coloured clothes, and one of them has a double face. That particular elf can show both smiling and crying faces, which is interesting. All elves come with green hats.

Mrs Claus makes her first appearance. While she isn’t necessarily a staple of Santa’s story, she is a nice addition. With her comes a mug of hot chocolate and a tray of cookies. She, too, has a double-sided face to swap between grumpy and happy.

The sleigh is also a nice addition, as there’s room for Santa and the toys that come with this set. The reindeer attach through two rails that run between them. The reindeer are all brick-built rather than solid figurines. You may build them as standalone or with tack to attach to the rails, which gives some playing choices.

The workshop looks fairly modern, with a gift wrapping and a gift-making machine. The clock tower and the details add to the overall set with a festive look.

Pros & Cons

Although this set is small, it’s also an interesting build — perfect for a Creator Set! It makes use of creative building techniques, which is always fun.
As usual, what makes this LEGO Santa’s Workshop set great is the details. The doors come with golden keys (be careful to not overlook them), which is a nice detail. The outside of LEGO Santa’s Workshop looks great, and the candy cane posts add a nice, whimsical touch, as well as the strings of Christmas lights on the roof. The stained glass windows also add a nice cosy touch.
One of the doors has a tiny window, which may be harder to attach for some due to the size.
The workshop is relatively small compared to the size of Santa’s office and living area. This doesn’t really detract from the set, though some may wonder why the conveyor belt is outside, not inside the workshop. The Christmas tree might also feel small for some, but it’s very cute and detailed.



This set shows a great balance. Although it’s small in size the wealth of details make up for it. It is a great choice to build with children as a fun family tradition, and it’s also very playable, especially with the reindeer and the diverse choice of gifts. It’s a nice addition to the Winter Village collection, and also great for a standalone display for Christmas and wintertime!

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