LEGO 10254 Winter Holiday Train Set Review

No Winter Village is complete without a fully-featured, Christmas-themed train! The LEGO Winter Holiday Train comes as a snazzy little addition to the Winter Village sets, but it’s just as playable as it is decorative!


LEGO 10254 Winter Holiday Train Set

Released on October 1st, 2016, the LEGO 10254 Christmas Train joined other sets in the seasonal Winter Village collection. This train joins in the tradition of LEGO Trains, but with a Christmas and winter holiday-themed look and feel.

This 734-piece build includes a fully circular train track with 70cm in diameter, which is fairly big for a singular train. The LEGO Winter Holiday Train itself is 12cm high, 52cm long and 7cm wide. This set is meant for ages 12+, but it will be fun for the whole family!

What’s in the box?

LEGO 40254 Winter Holiday Train Box

  • 734 pieces
  • 5 minifigures (locomotive driver, ticket collector, grandmother, a boy and a girl)
  • 16 curved pieces of track
  • The LEGO Christmas train includes an engine, coal tender, flatbed wagon and a caboose, as well as large and small red train wheels
  • A boarding platform, bench and a lamppost
  • A Christmas tree with presents
  • Decorative elements such as green wreathes, lights and white tree pieces, wrapped gift elements and brick-built toys
  • Dual instruction booklets

LEGO 10254 Winter Holiday Train Design Video

LEGO Christmas Train Pictures

LEGO Christmas train detail

LEGO Winter Holiday Train cars and curved track

LEGO 10254 Winter Holiday Train Tracks

LEGO Winter Holiday Train With Minifigure
Train drive and ticket collector minifigures in the train

LEGO Winter Holiday Train Review

This LEGO Christmas train is a marvel in looks. It’s not as realistic as the LEGO City Trains, but it fits with the whimsical, storybook look of the LEGO Winter Village sets.

This set is fairly simple to put together and thus, it’s perfect for a family build. In the tradition of the Winter Village sets, it comes with a full Christmas theme, including a rotating Christmas tree, presents and buildable mini-toys. This makes this one a very fun set to play with.

Unlike other trains, the LEGO 10254 set does not come with an engine. According to LEGO, you can add the LEGO engine yourself using the 8879, 8884, 88000 and 88002 sets. The instructions come in the back of your booklet. As this is optional, the functionality you may or may not have with this set is up to you. The train itself is ready for an engine, so it won’t compromise your build’s appearance whether or not you add the engine to it. It also fits nicely around a small Christmas tree — certainly a great decoration.

Pros & Cons

Regardless of whether you add an engine, the train is very nice. It’s very detailed and has a very old-style look. Fans of the Polar Express movie will enjoy this, as the train follows a similar spirit in appearance and look (albeit not exactly). With extra parts, one may even simulate the Polar Express itself, but that isn’t what this set is meant for, so it’s up to the builder!
While this set is meant for ages 12+, younger children can easily do it with just a little assistance.
The minifigures fit the set as a whole, and the toys mix well with those from the Winter Toy Shop and Santa’s Workshop. If you have either or both these sets, you can mix and match the toys and create full experiences with them!
The smoke on the chimney is also a nice touch and adds to the realism of the set. This is a true LEGO Christmas train, with the rotating Christmas tree and the presents as a sweet compliment to the train experience. Building the tree is an experience of its own.
The set itself comes with a bench, lamppost and a boarding platform. The actual train station for this set comes in another, the LEGO Winter Station. Still, this doesn’t remove the playability of the set, as the LEGO 10254 Winter Holiday Train set is a full experience on its own.


This set is a good choice both for playable reasons (especially with other Winter Village sets) and for display reasons. The LEGO 10254 set is full of potential: you can easily expand it. You can add more cars, an engine, and whatever else you desire! Or you can have a worthy build for your Christmas setting right out of the box if you so desire.

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