LEGO 10259 Winter Village Station Creator Expert Set Review

As winter approaches, we can’t forget the delight that is the LEGO Winter series. This year, the LEGO Winter Village gets another addition: a train station! The LEGO 10259 Winter Village Station Creator Expert Set complements the Winter Train set from last year and continues the winter series closer to a wonderful, full-fledged village experience.


LEGO 10259 Winter Village Station Creator Expert Set

The LEGO 10259 set is a wonderful addition to your other wintry collections. Even if you don’t have any other sets, it’s a start! The LEGO Winter Village station is 19cm high, 28cm long and 14cm deep, making for a relatively small but fun little scenery to play with.

What’s included in the box?

LEGO Winter Village Station

  • 902 pieces
  • 5 mini figures (bus driver, grandmother and child, barista and ticket agent)
  • 4 straight train track pieces to connect with the Winter Train set
  • A detailed, decorated bus
  • Grade crossing with lights
  • Sticker sheet
  • Instructions

LEGO 10259 Winter Village Station Features

Functioning parts

  • A bus with opening doors and a decorated interior
  • A crossing gate with movable parts
  • A ticket booth with a counter window, which allows for passing tickets as in a real ticket booth

This set introduces new elements such as printed clock faces and ticket elements. The ticket booth door is set at an angle, which is pretty original for a LEGO set.

Decoration & interior

This beautiful train station is set on a platform, which connects to the train tracks (which in turn connect with the Winter Train set, if desired). There is also a coffee shop, a ticket booth, and a clock tower.

  • The bus comes with a luggage rack, where you can put your wrapped gifts
  • The coffee shop comes with an espresso machine, mugs and a menu
  • Trees, snow and wreath-decorated lampposts
  • Buildable gifts and wreaths
  • A ticket element
  • Winter decoration for the coffee shop

The grandmother mini figure comes with a special hairdo that is fairly unique to LEGO, as it was only seen before in the Temple of Airjitzu set.

Winter Village LEGO 10259 Set Designer Video

LEGO Winter Village Station Review

The LEGO Winter Village Station is fairly easy to build and relatively small. While Creator Expert sets tend to be more complex, this one is an exception, as it has fewer pieces and they come together in just a couple of hours. Because of this, it should work nicely to do so with children and younger teens, making it a fun build for the whole family. Adults and older teens, the usual audience for Creator Expert sets, may not find it as entertaining.

Fitting with the LEGO 10254 Winter Train set

When attached to a LEGO Winter Train set (in special the LEGO 10254 set, which is the intended match for this set), there is some space left behind the train. While this doesn’t detract from the building as a whole, it’s worthy of note for those expecting something larger. In fact, the set as a whole is fairly small, compared to other items on the LEGO Winter Village collection.

The straight train rails might also bring confusion to some builders when it’s time to match the LEGO Winter Train sets. Last year’s train (LEGO 10254) is the one this station matches. However, the train tracks in the LEGO Winter Train set from 2016 make a perfect circle, which clashes with the straight pieces of this station’s set. For them to come together, you will have to break the train track’s circle. You may need extra pieces or to shuffle the whole train tracks around to make them fit.

Other aspects

The back of the whole set is open, making it easier to play with. The coffee shop and ticket booth both have nice interiors, although, like the rest of it, they are fairly small. The attic of the coffee shop building isn’t accessible, play-wise, and is merely decorative. The coffee machine and mugs give it a nice touch, though.

The bus is a nice addition to the set and complements the idea of a full, Winter Village setting, not just a train station. The removable top makes it easier to play with, and it accommodates at least three mini figures, plus the driver, which comes with this set. While the bus may seem superfluous for a train-focused LEGO set, for those who have more LEGO sets it’s a nice addition, and fairly detailed.

This is the first train station in the Winter collection — there are two trains, but the LEGO Winter Village Station is the first to compliment them.

LEGO 10259 Winter Village Station Pictures

LEGO Winter Village Station: The train station comes with a waiting area, a clock tower and a coffee shop, as well as a ticket booth.

LEGO Winter Village Station: the ticket booth has a window with space to run the tickets through.

LEGO Winter Village Station: this set comes with five mini figures, including the station master and a barista.

LEGO Winter Village Station: the interior of the coffee shop is fairly detailed.

LEGO Winter Village Station matches the LEGO Winter Train set from 2016 The LEGO Winter Village Station comes with a yellow bus made in 40s or 50s style The LEGO 10259 set's bus has a movable door, perfect for play The LEGO 10259 bus's luggage rail keeps the luggage and gifts in place. The LEGO Winter Village Station comes with grade crossings that close and open. The LEGO 10259 set comes with decorations such as trees, wrapped gifts, an espresso machine and mugs.

LEGO 10259 Ticket Agent Mini Figure
The Ticket Agent
LEGO 10259 Mini Figure
The Grandson
LEGO 10259 Mini Figure
The Grandmother
LEGO 10259 Mini Figure
The Barista
LEGO 10259 Mini Figure
The Bus Driver


So what do you think, do you have other LEGO Winter Village sets? What about the Winter Train set? Would you buy this charming little set? Let us know in the comments below!

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