LEGO 40223 Snow Globe Review

Christmas is coming, and if you bought anything from the official LEGO Store in 2016, it’s likely you got this LEGO 40223 Snow Globe set as well!


LEGO 40223 Snow Globe

This cute little treat came as a gift on purchases made on the LEGO Store for winter 2016. At the time, it was a limited edition set. But it’s now come back for good in the American LEGO store and other retailers! Who doesn’t love a snow globe?

This set draws inspiration from the 2005 LEGO Snow Globe set. Unlike the 2005 version, though, the LEGO 40223 set is its own thing, entirely made of LEGO. This set comes with a Santa minifigure and is a fun decoration for your Christmas, as well as a good experience to build with your children, especially younger ones. Building together encourages communication and socialization, so this set is a good, inexpensive choice for a family activity!

The LEGO Snow Globe is 12cm high, 6cm wide and 7cm deep.

What’s in the box?

LEGO 40223 Snow Globe Box

  • 215 pieces
  • Santa minifigure
  • Christmas tree
  • White LEGO snowflakes
  • Secret drawer
  • Door with flame elements

How much does it cost?

This item might be slightly rare to find, especially in some regional stores so prices will vary. In some countries, it might come as a free item with other LEGO purchases.

LEGO 40223 Snow Globe Speed Build Video

LEGO Snow Globe Review

This set is fairly small and straightforward, as it’s meant as a bonus rather than its own thing. Still, it shows a lot of care, and it’s very interesting to build, especially for younger children.

The LEGO Snow Globe is a small, easy build, but it’s not without care. It comes with a drawer under the globe itself, which is a neat addition. This isn’t meant for play, so there is nothing much to do, but it does come with a Santa minifigure which can, of course, join the other minifigures you have.

The decorative work on the base of this LEGO Snow Globe adds some very nice detail. The torches look good and the windows on the side give it an interesting look. There’s also a Christmas tree inside the “globe” part, not snowy as in the 2005 version, but very nice. This version also comes with pieces of simulated snow, in plastic, but the whole set doesn’t actually work as a snow globe. The tree has coloured transparent studs that work as lights or ornaments, and the globe has a decorative piece on top.

LEGO Snow Globe Open Drawer

This set also brings clear pieces that may be useful for your own creations. These pieces were unique to this set as 2016. As it’s all LEGO, once Christmas is done you can, of course, farm the parts for other sets and builds of your choice.

Unfortunately out-of-box it doesn’t work as a snow globe proper, but you can presumably make it work as such by sealing any gaps, but this build isn’t water-tight, so it’s up to you.

This set will also complement (in decoration) others such as the LEGO Christmas Train and the LEGO Santa’s Workshop

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There isn’t much to say about this set. The small, decorative LEGO Snow Globe looks great, has the added functionality of the drawer under the globe, and it’s fairly cheap (or free!), so there isn’t a lot that could be negative about it. It’s a nice little gift for extra Christmas spirit!

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