LEGO 10249 Winter Toy Shop Creator Expert Set Review

Wintertime comes and with it, the fabulous Winter Village seasonal LEGO collection. This time, we’ll take a look at the LEGO Winter Toy Shop Creator Expert set. A lovely, whimsical addition to anyone’s winter decorations!


LEGO 10249 Winter Toy Shop Creator Expert Set

No Winter Village is complete without a toy shop. How could there be any cheer without one? This LEGO Winter Toy Shop certainly helps with Santa’s demands. This 2015 Winter Toy Shop is an update of the 2009 Winter Toy Shop (LEGO 10199), and it comes with new and updated items. For owners of the past LEGO Winter Toy Shop, you can combine the previous set and this one into a larger, wonderful building.

The LEGO Winter Toy Shop set has an aged feel which fits with the nostalgic Winter Village appearance. This isn’t a modern and snazzy shop, it’s more cosy, old-style. When built the LEGO Toy Shop is 17cm high, 19cm wide and 10cm deep. It comes with a large Christmas tree as well, which is 15cm high, 11cm wide and 11cm deep.

What’s in the box?

LEGO Winter Toy Shop 10249 Box

  • 898 pieces, including a light brick
  • 8 minifigures (male caroler, female caroler, 2 men, 1 woman, 2 boys, 1 girl)
  • Accessories, including a snowboard, skis, wreaths, strings lights, cashier, chair, table, bench, top hats, carol songbooks and more.
  • 10 toys. The toys are diverse and different from the LEGO 10199 set’s toys.
  • A decorated large Christmas tree with decoration
  • A ladder around the size of the large Christmas tree
  • Trees and snow elements
  • A snowman
  • An ornate streetlamp
  • Instructions

How much does it cost?

The LEGO 10249 set is a retired set. This means it might not be readily available and prices will vary.

LEGO 10249 Winter Toy Shop Designer Video

LEGO Winter Toy Shop Pictures

LEGO Winter Toy Shop Front View

LEGO Winter Toy Shop Back View

Winter Toy Shop Interior Detail LEGO 10249
The toy shop owner minifigure

Christmas Tree LEGO Winter Toy Shop

LEGO Winter Toy Shop Review

This LEGO Winter Toy Shop is an update on a previous version of the toy shop. As an update, some might ask, is it worth it to buy the new one?

The answer is a resounding YES! This set not only looks great, it integrates quite well with the previous model — so instead of two toy shops, you can build them together and make a big toy shop! There’s a lot of different items and minifigures, enough to make this set look and feel new rather than just a remake.

If you don’t have the previous one from 2009, this Winter Toy Shop will certainly stand on its own, too. This Creator Expert set isn’t that difficult to build, taking around five hours for builders who want to take their time. It’s in scale for other buildings in the Winter Village, and it comes with a light brick — which is always fun to play with.

The LEGO Winter Toy Shop doesn’t have a back wall, which makes it very playable. There are also printed LEGOs, which always look better than stickers.

Pros & Cons

The Christmas tree is a great feature, as it looks good and completes the whole Winter Village setting. Because it’s quite big and decorated, it does make the whole set look more scenic. Other trees complete it, so the Christmas tree won’t look like an afterthought.
The bench and the lamppost also add a cute feature to the whole scenery. In the context of the Winter Village this set is part of, it makes things feel more realistic and interesting. Plus, the lamppost, in particular, looks great!
The minifigures are brand new. We have a skier and a snowboarder, which compliments other winter-themed sets. The carolers look great, with the female minifigure having a double head (singing and smiling). The books are brick-built and a fun little addition. The snowman comes with a carrot for his nose, but it’s not attached — it’ll be unfinished for awhile, it seems.
Then, there’s the light brick. The Power Functions addition always makes a set this much cooler. It casts a nice shadow and looks great. The only downside is that it has an on/off button, and if you want it lit permanently you’ll have to secure the button on “on”. Which, of course, isn’t much of a ‘con’ at all, as it’s easily fixed.
The biggest ‘con’ this toy shop LEGO set could have isn’t really a con, as discussed before. The fact there already was a LEGO Winter Toy Shop before doesn’t make this one obsolete or useless. In fact, there aren’t really any drawbacks to this set at all. The toys all are great and diverse, and they’re different from the 2009 Winter Toy Shop set, so there shouldn’t be any issue.


The only real downside to this set is the fact there already was a previous one sold. While this may upset some collectors, it’s also a great opportunity for new collectors — which is the whole point of the re-release in the first place. If you don’t have the 2009 set, the LEGO 10249 one is a great buy. If you do have the previous one, they can be combined. Or, of course, you can buy two copies of this one and make a mega shop anyway!


So what do you think? Do you have this set? Are you interested in it? Let us know in the comments below!

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