LEGO 7065 Alien Mothership Set Review

An alien? A giant spinning space-ship? Evil aliens trying to abduct a daring reporter? That and more in this awesome Alien Conquest set. The 416-pieced LEGO 7065 Alien Mothership set should be a lot of fun to review!


LEGO 7065 Alien Mothership Set

This set has a huge Alien Mothership with an abduction claw to try to catch a reporter, who carries a microphone and some papers. An alien clinger is trying to grab onto her head.

What’s Inside the box?

LEGO 7065 Alien Mothership Set Box Cover - Alien Conquest

  • Alien mother ship with authentic UFO sound and spinning outer disc
  • Spin the outer ring to go into flying mode and activate the eerie UFO sound brick
  • UFO comes equipped with abducting claw to pick up civilian minifigures
  • Includes reporter and Alien Commander minifigures and Alien Clinger

LEGO Alien Mothership Speed Build

LEGO Alien Conquest 7065 Set Review

The LEGO Alien Mothership set is the second largest in the LEGO Alien Conquest sub theme. The main theme is LEGO Space. Alien Conquest is all about aliens invading earth, while the earth defense attempts to stop them from taking over. This particular set has the largest alien space-craft.

The Minifigures

Let’s take a look at the two minifigures in the LEGO 7065 set.

The Reporter

LEGO The Reporter Minifigure from 7065 Alien Mothership - Alien Conquest

The reporter has a necklace and a red jacket with a badge that says PRESS. She has two expressions, smiling and panicked, both of which are really cool. I really like her hair piece. You can put the alien clinger on her head if she can’t get away fast enough.

LEGO The Captured Reporter Minifigure 7065 Alien Mothership Set - Alien Conquest
The Captured Reporter

The Alien Commander

LEGO The Alien Minifigure from 7065 Alien Mothership - Alien Conquest

This minifig has a head made up of three pieces; an alien lime green face with a black eye pattern, a trance-bright green head and a trance-bright green headgear brain piece. He has a very interesting torso with an awesome shoulder strap pattern. Instead of legs, unlike the rest of the aliens in this line, he has very cool tentacles. He has a stiff cloth cape made from tradition starched fabric, not the more modern sponge cape material. My favorite part of this awesome minifig is the epaulets. Epaulets can make any minifigure look like royalty. This is my favorite minifig and one of my favorite minifigs in my collection.

The Alien Clinger Figure

LEGO The Alien Clinger Minifigure 7065 Alien Mothership Set - Alien Conquest

This isn’t really a minifigure, but its worth mentioning. It’s only one piece, but it has a single eye with a black pupil and tentacles. When you put this piece on the head on one of the minifigures, it looks like it’s eating the victims brain.

The build

LEGO 7065 Alien Mothership Set Sound Playable Functions - Alien Conquest

The outside section of the Mothership can spin, and when is does, it turns on a UFO sound brick (batteries included). I really like this feature because sound bricks are pretty rare (or this is just the only one I have). I took the sound brick out of ship so I wouldn’t deplete the batteries to quickly. The outer part is made of curved track pieces.

I really like the arm. It can move in nearly any direction.

There are plenty of cool laser guns to stage a space fight with.

The inner part of the LEGO Alien Mothership is similar to other alien ships in this line. My only complaint is that the hatch, in which the Alien Commander can sit and fly the ship, falls off very easily when it is moved.


This set has a reporter with a very cool red jacket. The awesome Alien Commander minifigure has great detailing, but nothing can beat those epic epaulets.

The build has a great round shape, which can be difficult to accomplish in lego.

The LEGO 7065 set is a relatively small ship with two (or three, depending of if you count the clinger) minifigures. It is quite expensive as it was released in 2011. Getting a new set from seven years ago will definitely up the value.

In 2011, when this set came out, I was far more interested in LEGO city and LEGO star wars. However, a friend had all of the LEGO Alien Conquest sets so we had some pretty epic battles against evil aliens.

I definitely would suggest this set for anyone who loves space or even Star Trek. Comment below what you thought of the LEGO Alien Mothership set and your thoughts on this review.

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LEGO 7065 Alien Mothership Set
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