LEGO Technic 2018 Sets Guide

LEGO Technic sets tend to be more elaborate, closer to real models. This doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of play features in them. Let’s take a look at the new, LEGO Technic 2018 sets — both recently released and upcoming!

LEGO Technic 2018 Sets Guide

We’ve looked at Ninjago 2018 sets and Star Wars 2018 sets sets, but the new year brings us some very interesting new Technic sets as well. This November we saw a racing yacht, a compactor, and many other cool builds, but there’s many more that have just been released. Let’s check them out.

LEGO 42075 First Responder

LEGO First Responder Box Front LEGO First Responder Box Back LEGO First Responder Primary Build LEGO First Responder Primary Build Back LEGO First Responder Secondary Build

This LEGO Technic 2018 set models a fire department SUV and, as most Technic sets, has a lot of realistic functionalities. The First Responder set comes in a red and black colour scheme with some very nice detailing (mostly through stickers). It has a working steering and suspension, a raising light tower and a working winch. Like many Technic sets, it’s a 2-in-1 set, with an alternate fire racer build. It has 513 pieces.


LEGO 42076 Hovercraft

LEGO 42076 Hovercraft Box Back LEGO 42076 Hovercraft Build LEGO 42076 Hovercraft Loading Ramp Detail LEGO 42076 Hovercraft Cargo Suspension Detail LEGO 42076 Hovercraft Secondary Build LEGO 42076 Hovercraft Accessory Truck

This LEGO Hovercraft includes a working crane and loading ramp. Built in a characteristic black and grey colour scheme, it includes a good amount of detail. This set also comes with an expedition truck and container, which makes it quite playable as well, although this set builds on realism over the more toylike aspects of LEGO. The crane includes an operating cabin and there’s a mechanism to make the craft manoeuvrable as well as spinning the back fans. This set has 1020 pieces. The secondary build is a jet boat.


LEGO 42077 Rally Car

LEGO Technic 2018 Sets: LEGO 42077 Rally Car Box Front LEGO 42077 Rally Car Box Back LEGO Rally Car Full Side View LEGO Rally Car Open Hood Front View LEGO Rally Car Build Top View LEGO Rally Car Secondary Built - Buggy

The LEGO Rally Car is very detailed, with the typical blue, white and red colour and racing decals that such cars often show. It is also complete in that it features a working suspension and steering, a detailed cockpit, opening hood and doors, and a visually stunning v6 engine with moving pistons. Compared to other LEGO Technic 2018 sets, this is one of the most attractive and realistic builds. The secondary build is an equally good buggy.


LEGO 42078 Mack Anthem

LEGO Mack Anthem Box Front LEGO Mack Anthem Box Back LEGO Mack Anthem Front View LEGO Mack Anthem Top View LEGO Mack Anthem Side View LEGO Mack Anthem Back View LEGO Mack Anthem Tow View LEGO Mack Anthem Secondary Build Front View LEGO Mack Anthem Secondary Build Full View

The Mack Anthem is a classic, and the LEGO set captures its essence perfectly. This is one of the most complex LEGO Technic 2018 sets, and while all of them are quite realistic to some level, this one goes beyond. This model is quite functional, and it comes with an opening container you can load and offload through a loading mechanism.

It also has a front-axle steering, a 6 cylinder straight engine with moving pistols and radiator fan, and a detachable trailer. This set has a total of 2595 pieces, and the final build is 84cm long, an impressive size. It can also rebuild into a Mack RL Garbage Truck.


So these are some of the most popular LEGO Technic 2018 sets released so far! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

LEGO Technic 2018 Sets Guide
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LEGO Technic 2018 Sets Guide
The LEGO Technic 2018 sets have some promising outlooks, including some very realistic and rather complex sets full of features and secondary builds. Featuring; 42078 Mack Anthem, 42077 Rally Car, 42076 Hovercraft, 42075 First Responder.
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