New LEGO Unikitty! 2018 Sets Coming This June

2018 brings with it a couple new themes, such as LEGO Fallen Kingdom and LEGO Powerpuff Girls. While this year will bring lots of new licensed materials, we’ll also have some original LEGO properties — such as the LEGO Unikitty 2018 sets!

This popular character from the LEGO Movie has its own animated series already and this June will have its own theme as well. Let’s check it out!

New LEGO Unikitty 2018 Sets Coming This June

LEGO Unikitty 2018 Sets Banner from the New York Toy Fair 2018

Unikitty! is a new LEGO theme coming this June, and it features the popular, well, unicorn kitten who first appeared in the LEGO Movie. It soon became very popular, earning itself an animated series on Cartoon Network. The series premiered this January.

The cartoon features the titular Unikitty, ruler of Unikingdom (not the Cloud Cuckoo Land of the original movie). It follows her efforts to keep her land happy and free of negativity. In special her brother and best friend: Puppycorn!

Unikitty! is the second LEGO cartoon to be traditionally animated (after Mixels) and the first from the LEGO Movie franchise. While the theme itself is new, Unikitty as a character has appeared in many LEGO Movie sets, such as LEGO 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace, and 70818 Double-Decker Couch.

The Unikitty! Characters

There are several new characters in the Unikitty! franchise. These are some of them:

Main Characters

  • Unikitty: the pink unicorn-cat hybrid who rules the Unikingdom, and strives to keep everyone happy. She is very friendly, but also very protective of those she loves, in special her brother, Puppycorn. Just don’t make her angry — then she becomes Angry Kitty as the fire consumes her!
  • Puppycorn: a blue dog-unicorn hybrid. He is Unikitty’s brother and is energetic and playful. He is not very smart and is always trying to best his sister, though he never manages it. Like dogs, he can eat anything, even inedible things.
  • Hawkodile: this is Unikitty’s and Puppycorn’s bodyguard. The hawk-crocodile hybrid is calm and not afraid to question others. He’s not all muscle, either: while he is strong, he is also quite smart. While he can fly, he often just uses his wings for jump kicks.
  • Dr Fox: this orange vixen is the Unikingdom’s scientist. She is very smart and logical, as befitting a scientist. This doesn’t make her cold, though, as she is very caring and friendly. Dr Fox can create small robots and even mechs to protect the kingdom.
  • Richard: a 1×3 LEGO brick (and the more obviously “LEGO” character in the theme and franchise). Unlike other characters, Richard is grey — a clear sign he is very stoic and melancholy. In spite of this, he is a good friend and very clear-headed.


  • Master Frown: this humanoid character is, thus far, the main antagonist of the series. He comes from Frowntown, which has the opposite of Unikingdom’s attitude. He is very negative and obeys the Doom Lords, who want to destroy Unikitty’s positivity.
  • Brock: a grey tombstone-shaped figure. He is very chill and calm, unlike Master Frown’s more bombastic personality. He doesn’t seem to care as much about the inhabitants of Unikingdom.
  • Score Creeper: a robed figure with a hidden face, Score Creeper loves games — and always gives it to other people. It’s a trap: when people lose the game, they are trapped in his game. He is very dramatic and gets angry when people interrupt his theatrics.
  • Eagleator: a blue alligator-eagle hybrid. Very competitive, Eagleator holds on to grudges for life. He used to be Hawkodile’s friend, but they had a falling out. As a result of this, Eagleator swore vengeance on Hawkodile.

There are, of course, many more characters, but these are the main ones thus far.

The LEGO Unikitty! Sets

We don’t know much about the upcoming LEGO Unikitty 2018 sets, other than their names.

  • 41451 Cloud Car
  • 41452 Puppycorn Trike
  • 41453 Unikitty Party
  • 41454 Dr Fox’s Lab
  • 41455 Unikitty Bucket
  • 41775 Collectible Minifigures — Unikitty! Series

These are the LEGO Unikitty 2018 sets that we know, and we can likely expect sets 41453 and 41454 to be the largest ones. We have two vehicles in the form of a trike and a car, or so it seems, as well as a bucket, which seems like an odd choice. More interesting is the minifig series, which no doubt will bring many characters from the TV show in minifigure format.

Stay tuned to this article, as we’ll update it the more we learn about the LEGO Unikitty 2018 sets!

New LEGO Unikitty 2018 Sets Coming This June
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New LEGO Unikitty 2018 Sets Coming This June
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