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The Story of the LEGO Brick Rare LEGO Set Boxed with Booklet
Here at Ninja Brick, we've recently acquired a rare LEGO set, named The story of the LEGO brick. The set comes boxed and displays 6 (six) 2x4 red LEGO Bricks. According to Bricklink, it was released in 2008 as a promotional set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the LEGO brick. Update thanks to Legofan_4: You can make 915,103,765 different...
LEGO Moments in Space Galactic Duo Project Set
In the first part of this article we looked at a Moments in Space entry of an impressive, small, yet minifig sized rocket. Next on the list is another classic staple of science-fiction. Captain Mutant's Favourite LEGO Moments in Space Designs - Part 2 Robots - The Galactic Duo by Ragaru Surprisingly, there weren’t that many robotic entries in...
Rare LEGO Red Ghost
Today we've got an exclusive interview with the rare LEGO collector, known as rarelego on Instagram. Many thanks to legofan_4 for writing up the questions and arranging the interview, go give him a follow for daily LEGO news! Let's get started with the interview. This interview is separated in two parts. First - you will get "longer" questions, and second...
LEGO 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Box Front Cover - LEGO Solo A Star Wars Story Set
Hey guys! It's me, VaderFan2187, back again with another post for you all! Today, I'll be taking a look at, and analysing, the LEGO Solo: A Star Wars Story sets! There are five of them in total (I won't look at the CCBS sets), and they sit at varied price points. Let's jump in! LEGO Solo: A Star Wars Story...
Iron Man Cosplay Mk XLII Armor
Who doesn't want to be Iron Man? Rich, famous, and a superhero. You get to hang out with people like The Hulk and Thor, meet beautiful ladies -- it's a dream come true. But while we can't all be Tony Stark (sadly), we can taste some of that sweet Iron Man flair and make our very own, DIY, Real Life Iron...
LEGO 76029 Iron Man vs Ultron Set Box Front Cover - Marvel Super Heroes
4 minifigures in a cheap set? Marvel? Iron Man? Ultron? Count me in! The LEGO 76029 Iron Man vs Ultron set was released in 2015 as part of the 6 Age of Ultron sets. It was the cheapest and smallest set in the wave, at just 90 pieces. So how well does it rate? Check Price on Amazon   LEGO 76029 Iron...

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