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All you need to know about LEGO Piece 26047

All you need to know about LEGO Piece 26047

Each LEGO piece has a unique identifier which helps packers know what piece to go in what set, and fans source pieces should they go missing. LEGO piece 26047 has been driving fans of Among Us crazy, so here is everything you need to know.

Why has a LEGO piece gained internet notoriety?

Online message boards and social media sites started lighting up in March 2021. Players of Among Us began sharing one message with their followers: Do NOT google LEGO Piece 26047.

LEGO Piece 26047 has been turned into a meme and shared everywhere a fandom exists online. This has caused some problems within the LEGO community. 

Unfortunately for those outside of the Among Us universe, seeing these memes fill our streams and newsfeeds is mildly frustrating. Many fans of LEGO have reached out on these message boards to try to get to the bottom of the meme.

Reaching out through social media has left many receiving nothing more than confusing sentences, some simply replying with the unhelpful message ‘a mongoose’. The most popular answer is ‘sus’. Sus, short for suspect, links to the significance of the piece within the game.

Among Us and Lego have nothing in common. Why is a small piece causing issues?

Thanks to the link between what would otherwise just be your average LEGO brick and a game, LEGO piece 20647 has now become a meme. Primarily the goal between players on social media is to tell others not to Google what LEGO piece 26047 is. This then leads to online despair, before telling others to do the same, leading to a vicious cycle of Lego/Among Us confusion.

Its significance for fans and players of Among Us however has some different meanings. Gamers are assigned one of two randomly assigned roles when playing Among Us. Unfortunately for players, LEGO piece 20647 looks awfully like the Impostor.

The role of the Impostor is to kill as many Crewmates as possible, and in this game of survival, keeping the Impostor from killing you is goal number one. Players are assigned the role of Impostor and their task is to prey on as many Crewmates as possible.

What actually is LEGO piece 26047?

LEGO piece 26047 is a 1×1 plate which features a rounded end and a bar handle. It was created in 2016 making it one of LEGO’s newest pieces.

Piece 26047 has been included in 356 sets, 14 mini figures, 13 parts and 1 gear. 

What sets is LEGO piece 26047 available in?

The piece, which is available individually through resale sites such as Ebay, can be found in recent release sets such as 31118 Surfer Beach House and 952105 Doctor and Patient. Other sets include 21320 Dinosaur Fossils and 21321 International Space Station.

Does it come in a range of colours?

Aside from the meme culture that has been created, LEGO piece 26047 is available in a variety of colours. These include white, green, black, flesh, dark turquoise, sand green, dark blue, light bluish gray, reddish brown and pearl gold. 


Saturday 8th of January 2022

Just to clarify - the piece doesn't look like the Impostor. It looks like the generic limbless space-suit that every player has (in a variety of colors) in the game. The Impostor by its nature just looks like everyone else.